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Richie Incognito says Jonathan Martin texted him 'Will murder whole family'

The back and forth between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, with the Miami Dolphins in the middle, continues today with Incognito appearing on Fox NFL Sunday. In the interview with Jay Glazer, Incognito says the texts between him and Martin were the way they joked with each other.


The Miami Dolphins are currently stuck in the middle of allegations of player misconduct, negligence from their front office and coaching staff, and a lack of leadership within the locker room.  It's caused a player to leave the team, another to be suspended, and the rest to take to the media to defend themselves after a couple of weeks of attacks.

Today, that suspended player, guard Richie Incognito, talks for the first time, having sat down with Fox Sports' Jay Glazer in an interview that will air on Fox NFL Sunday.  To tease the interview, the show aired a portion of the interview where Incognito said he received a text message from Jonathan Martin, before the tackle left the team and started the allegations, that read, "I will murder your whole f***ing family."

If Incognito can provide that text, and it proves to be authentic, then it could give balance to the text messages we have seen released from Martin's side of this, which have called Martin a "half-n*****," threatened to defecate in the second-year tackle's mouth, and sexually assault Martin's sister.

According to Incognito, this is the way the two players would joke with each other.  It was not socially appropriate, and it could be described as nothing less than crude, but it would seem to show that this was not a one sided attack on Martin.  It could also show that, while Martin may not have been a jovial about the situation, or enjoyed it as much as he let one, that he did play into the situation, and, as other Dolphins players have said, may not have complained about the situation prior to leaving.

The full interview from Glazer with Incognito is still to air on Fox NFL Sunday.

[UPDATE 12:28PM ET:] Jay Glazer confirmed via Twitter that he does have the text from Martin to Incognito:

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