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Richie Incognito interview with Jay Glazer: 'This isn't an issue about bullying.'

The Miami Dolphins and guard Richie Incognito are trying to deal with allegations of player misconduct coming from tackle Jonathan Martin, who has left the team. Incognito, suspended by the Dolphins, sat down with Fox Sports' Jay Glazer for an interview to air today.

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Suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito sat down with Fox Sports' Jay Glazer this week to discuss the allegations being brought by tackle Jonathan Martin that Incognito bullied the second year player and that the Dolphins' locker room is a place full of misconduct.  The interview, which will air in its entirety on Fox NFL Sunday, was previewed this morning on Fox News Sunday.

During it, Incognito said, "This isn't an issue about bullying.  This is an issue of my and Jon's relationship.  You can ask anyone in the Miami locker room, 'Who had Jon Martin's back to the absolute most?' and they'll undoubtedly tell you, me.

"All this stuff coming out speaks to the culture of our locker room," Incognito said of the Miami players standing up and defending themselves this week to the media. "It speaks to the culture of our closeness.  It speaks to the culture of our brotherhood.  The racism, that bad word, that's what I regret the most.  But that is a product of the environment."

Earlier this week, Martin's attorney David Cornwell released a statement alleging more instances of harassment than just the voicemail that has already been covered incessantly by the media.  Cornwell's statement seems to indicate that he and Martin are ready to release more names of players reportedly to have harassed Martin, especially if the players continue to try to downplay the allegations.  This week, the Dolphins players, including quarterback Ryan Tannehill, wide receiver Brian Hartline, tackle Tyson Clabo, and others, all made comments about the nature of the locker room, and the way they perceived Martin and Incognito to be best friends.

The full interview between Incognito and Glazer will air during the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show, which begins at 12pm ET.

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