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Dolphins sack their way to a win over Bengals

The Miami Dolphins came away with an overtime win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night, winning on a walk of sack from Cameron Wake. We take a look back at the game this morning.

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This is tough. I really don't know what to write today. I'm still too excited over that ridiculous win last night by the Miami Dolphins over the Cincinnati Bengals. I try very hard to stay level headed with the site, never too high, never too low. I like to report what is happening, but not necessarily react to it. Instead, I would rather see the conversation in the comments, or Fan Posts, or contributor articles, add to the discussion.

But, you know what? The strength of SB Nation is that these sites are all about a specific team, for the fans, and run by fans. So, today, I'm going to be a fan:


There are still things that are wrong with the Dolphins. Things that need to be fixed. The game was not always pretty. But that's not what today is about. Today's all about enjoying that win. A win that came on a walk off safety. Yes, a walk off safety. For the third time in NFL history, an overtime game ended with a safety.

Thank you Cameron Wake!

Taking a look back at the overtime period, both teams seemed to play overly cautious, punting on a short field, rather than trying for a long field goal. The Dolphins opened the extra period with the ball, but went three and out and had to punt. Then, the Bengals drove to the Miami 39, but punted rather than attempt the 56 yard field goal.

Miami then drew a pass interference penalty on a deep pass attempt to Mike Wallace, but saw that drive stall and allowed Brandon Fields to work his magic. Punting from the Cincinnati 40-yard line, Fields kept the ball out of the endzone and pinned the Bengals at the eight yard line. Three plays later, Wake smacked Andy Dalton in the chest and brough him down for the walk off safety.

Wake's night featured three sacks, a safety, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. That's a pretty good night!

If you came here for a full recap of the game, please check out the article in the sidebar. That actually gives you more of the story from last night. If you want to use this thread as a continuation of the celebration from last night, feel free. I'm still ecstatic, just wanting to run around the house yelling - and I haven't slept yet. Yeah, it was a great, fun win.

Now, Dolphins, never do that to me again. Let's just put away the opponents from now on.


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