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Strikes & Gutters: Week 6 Fantasy Advice

Strikes & Gutters Cover Photo is the new Madden Curse.

Rob Carr

Sorry fellas, this is just getting ugly now. I will refer to my pick-em stats to at least lend some credibility to my football knowledge, but this fantasy season has not been kind to me. I am near the bottom in both my leagues for completely different reasons. In the Phinsider Official league, I drafted poorly. Tom Brady, Rowdy Roddy White, and Maurice Jones-Drew are killing me. In my other league I have the second highest point total but am 1 - 4. I scored 149 points last week and lost by 10. I had Tony Romo starting, but the team I played against had Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Let that one sink in. Tony Romo had the best game of his life, and I had him starting on my fantasy team, but it was totally negated by the fact that the guy I was playing had his top two targets. Luck doesn't get much worse than that, from a Fantasy Football aspect, anyhow. If nothing else, at this point you can read this column and do the exact OPPOSITE of what I'm telling you. I'm about to go full Costanza on the rest of my season now, and by that I mean completely going against all of my instincts moving forward.  Recapping last week's column, Vick was on his way to a big game before being felled by injury. Eddie Lacy had a nice game for the Packers, but other than that I missed on everyone else. I'll take a 1 out of 4 with Vick getting the 'incomplete'. As for the Gutters, I'll take a 2.5 out of 5. Demarco Murray got a touchdown but was held to only 43 yards rushing. Dwayne Bowe was ineffective yet again, and Stevie Johnson was non-existent. Gibson had a good game for the Dolphins, the Falcons RBs produced good Fantasy numbers last night. Take this week's analysis with a grain of salt. On to the strikes.


Josh Gordon: Man, I wish the Dolphins would have landed this kid. Special talent, blazing speed, and just makes plays. He and Jordan Cameron are legitimate weapons for this offense. The matchup is favorable and I expect some good numbers from Gordon here.

Trent Richardson: I feel like the Colts will really begin to put that power run offense into effect on Monday night. I see them taking an early lead and controlling the game on the ground. The Chargers seem susceptible to the run and that is exactly what the Colts want to do.

Jordy Nelson: The Packers will be throwing a lot on the Ravens this week. This season has seen them show a commitment to the running game, but I think you will see a vintage performance from Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. Baltimore can be thrown on, look for Nelson to put up numbers against them.

Tony Romo: Maybe a week late on this one. He's playing really great football right now. The Redskins are porous on defense, and I could see Demarco Murray having a solid game as well. Don't expect 500 yards and 5 TDs again, but Romo should continue his hot streak this week.

Courtesy Dolphin start of the week, BYE: Remember to sit all your Dolphins this week! I am confident that I will not miss on this prediction.


Chris Johnson: Bad matchup vs. Seattle. CJ2K has been a bit of a disappointment so far this season. Look for that to continue, at least for one more week.

Buffalo Bills: When Thad Lewis plays, we all lose. Or win. It depends on which side of the Buffalo Bills spectrum you fall on. I remember hating the Bills so much in the 90's. It's hilarious how irrelevant they are now. I expect the running backs to see the majority of the action. I don't expect it to be a very pretty picture against one of the NFL's top defensive units.

Vincent Jackson: Poor Vincent Jackson. Poor Bucs fans. So much talent. So much shitty quarterback play. So much sadness in Tampa Bay this season. The Eagles Defense sucks. I'm wagering on Mike Glennon sucking a little more.

Phillip Rivers: The Colts defense is sneaky good. Phillip Rivers is sneaky bad.

Courtesy Dolphin sit for the week, ALL OF THEM: We are on bye, so again, make sure you sit all your Dolphins.

It's been a rough season for me from a fantasy perspective. Stick with me though, I can't get any worse. The thing about luck (good or bad) is eventually, it runs out. I hope yours is better than mine has been this week. If you have any specific questions please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you before Sunday.

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you."