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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Undefeated teams down to three

Following what turned into a very entertaining (thought with a disappointing result) Monday Night Football game last night, the NFL's Week 5 has come to a close. Which means it is now time to take a look at our Week 6 Power Rankings. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

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The NFL's Week 5 slate of games came to a close last night with the New York Jets beating the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football. With the conclusion of that game, we can now update our Phinsider NFL Power Rankings for Week 6.

Here are my power rankings for your review. Feel free to discuss them in the comments below:

Team LW Change Week 5 Result Remarks
1 Den_tiny_medium
1 0 W, 51-48 @ Dallas Congratulations to Peyton Manning for passing Dan Marino's passing yardage mark.
2 Saints_tiny_medium
3 1 W, 26-18 @ Chicago If they can keep winning on the road as well as in the Superdome, they should sit atop the NFC all season.
3 Kc_tiny_medium
4 1 W, 26-17 @ Tennessee I wonder if Andy Reid is a good coach?
4 Ind_tiny_medium
6 2 W, 34-28 vs Seattle Wins over Seattle and San Francisco over the last three weeks has been impressive.
5 Sea_tiny_medium
2 -3 L, 34-28 @ Indianapolis Tennessee will be tough, but being at home should allow Seattle to rebound this week.
6 Gb_tiny_medium
7 1 W, 22-9 vs Detroit They may be only 2-2, but at this point, the Packers are starting to look like the Packers.
7 Sf_tiny_medium
9 2 W, 34-3 vs Houston San Francisco appears to have righted the ship after a few bad weeks.
8 Cin_tiny_medium
11 3 W, 13-6 vs New England Any time you hold New England to two field goals, it's an impressive performance.
9 Ne_tiny_medium
5 -4 L, 13-6 @ Cincinnati Was a 5.1 yards per attempt, 47% completion rate an aberration for Tom Brady, or has the lack of receivers finally started to catch up?
10 Chi_tiny_medium
8 -2 L, 26-18 vs New Orleans Chicago outplayed New Orleans players not named Jimmy Graham or Drew Brees. Too bad those two guys exist.
11 Bal_tiny_medium
14 3 W, 26-23 @ Miami Ray Rice ran for 74 yards and 2 TDs, which is a positive, but a 2.7 yards per carry average is a negative. Either way, they come out with the W.
12 Cle_tiny_medium
16 4 W, 37-24 vs Buffalo Been saying it all year long: this defense is for real.
13 Mia_tiny_medium
10 -3 L, 26-23 vs Baltimore Six more sacks. Really should fall further, but everyone in the middle of the pack seems to have lost this week.
14 Det_tiny_medium
12 -2 L, 22-9 @ Green Bay Megatron wasn't playing. They need Megatron to play.
15 Hou_tiny_medium
15 0 L, 34-3 @ San Francisco It was a nice streak of 2 years winning the AFC South. Doesn't look like they will make it three straight.
16 Atl_tiny_medium
13 -3 L, 30-28 vs New York Jets Maybe should have kicked the field goal at the end of the first half. Just maybe.
17 Ten_tiny_medium
17 0 L, 26-17 vs Kansas City Having to start Ryan Fitzpatrick against an undefeated team, and playing them hard until a late game rally, keeps Tennessee in place despite the loss.
18 Nyj_tiny_medium
24 6 W, 30-28 @ Atlanta Rex Ryan making the defensive play calls really helps this team. Probably should be above ATL, but couldn't justify that big a jump.
19 Dal_tiny_medium
19 0 L, 51-48 vs Denver How on Earth can you honestly say this loss is on Tony Romo. 506 yards, 5 TD passes, and 1 INT. Incredible. If a defense, I don't know, existed, maybe Dallas could have won.
20 Phi_tiny_medium
22 2 W, 36-21 @ New York Giants A two position jump for beating the hapless New York Giants at this point seems a little too much.
21 Ari_tiny_medium
23 2 W, 22-6 vs Carolina Seven sacks and three interceptions kept the Arizona in the game, despite Carson Palmer's three picks of his own.
22 Stl_tiny_medium
25 3 W, 34-20 vs Jacksonville This game was probably closer than it should have been.
23 Oak_tiny_medium
28 5 W, 27-17 vs San Diego Oakland simply outplayed San Diego on the late, late, late Sunday night game.
24 Car_tiny_medium
20 -4 L, 22-2 @ Arizona And the "Should Carolina bench Cam Newton?" talk is getting louder.
25 Sd_tiny_medium
18 -7 L, 27-17 @ Oakland Huh. Maybe that's why Richard Marshall was released. Makes more sense now.
25 Buf_tiny_medium
21 -4 L, 37-24@ Cleveland Buffalo lost to a really good Cleveland defense, so there's no shame there. The fact that they are getting ready to start practice squad QB Thaddeus Lewis could have some.
27 Min_tiny_medium
26 -1 BYE Kind of rough to lose a position during your bye week.
28 Was_tiny_medium
27 -1 BYE And again.
29 Pit_tiny_medium
30 1 BYE Kind of lucky to gain a position during your by week.
30 Tb_tiny_medium
31 1 BYE Why are all the bye week teams grouped together?
31 Nyg_tiny_medium
29 -2 L, 36-21 vs Philadelphia I strongly considered moving Jacksonville out of the bottom slot to make room for the New York Giants. It's that bad.
32 Jax_tiny_medium
32 0 L, 34-20 @ St. Louis St. Louis was probably the best shot to get a win before the Week 9 bye week. Between now and then, Jacksonville is at Denver and home against San Diego and San Francisco.

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