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SNF Live Thread Texans @ 49ers Edition

The 2-2 Texans travel to San Francisco to take on the 2-2 49ers. Join us here to discuss this game or any of the other happenings in the NFL today.

Bob Levey

The Houston Texans will travel to San Francisco tonight to take on the 49ers. Both team's are a disappointing two and two. The Texans are coming off a loss to another NFC West team, the Seattle Seahawks. Head coach Gary Kubiak must get his team headed in the right direction again after back to back losses, including one last week where they led twenty to three at the halfway mark.

The 49ers on the other hand are coming off a week that saw them thoroughly trounce the St. Louis Rams. Despite the previous weeks victory Jim Harbaugh and his team have had some issues of their own to address this season. Their previous home contest, in week three, saw them soundly beaten by the upstart Indianapolis Colts 27 to 7.

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