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Ravens vs Dolphins NFL Week 5: One Baltimore player Miami fans should want

The Baltimore Ravens head south to face the Miami Dolphins this afternoon. If the Dolphins could steal one player from the Saints' roster, who would you take? Why?

Tom Szczerbowski

Every week, we take a look at he one player from the Miami Dolphins' upcoming opponent that the team should want to steal. Two weeks ago, with the Dolphins playing the Atlanta Falcons, I selected Tony Gonzalez, while many pointed out that Julio Jones would probably be a better choice. Last week, Miami was in New Orleans to face the Saints, with the unanimous choice being the theft of Jimmy Graham.

This week, with the Dolphins hosting the Baltimore Ravens, I am moving away from the tight end position. The problem is, I do not know where I should go. Wide receiver Torrey Smith makes a lot of sense. Running back Ray Rice is a possibility. Of course, Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs should be considered as well. What's the right answer?

With the injury to Cameron Wake, maybe Dumervil and Suggs make the most sense. But which one? I'll pick Suggs from between the two, because I don't own a fax machine, so I'm not sure I could sign Dumervil.

On offense, it's Smith or Rice. Part of me wants to take Smith, because he is younger and has not had the beating that Rice has had in his career. But, Ray Rice is one of the few running backs in the NFL who is actually worth being a "franchise" running back.

The Dolphins signed Mike Wallace this year to give them the track star wide receiver. Adding Smith might be overkill. Or, it might be the greatest thing ever. Ever.

Despite really wanting Rice, I'll go Smith against Suggs for the final choice. Do we steal a dynamic offensive weapon, or a feared defensive impact player?

Time to turn to my last discriminator. Suggs' salary cap number this year is $13.02 million, then it's $12.4 million in 2014. Meanwhile, Smith has a $924K number this year, and just over $1 million next season. Both players are free agents after the 2014 season.

That means, I'm advocating for the theft of the 24 year old, less than $1 million, 17.8 yards per catch average wide receiver. With my fantasy theft, I am stealing Torrey Smith.

Do you agree? Would you take Suggs, Dumervill, or Rice instead? Or should I have considered someone else, like Haloti Ngata, the newly acquired Eguene Monroe, Lardarius Webb, or James Ihedigbo? Who would you steal?

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