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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: No changes at the top

Tuesday morning means it's time for the Phinsider's NFL Power Rankings. Here's a look at how the 32 NFL teams rank heading into Week 9. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

David Welker

Another NFL week is complete, with the conclusion of last night's Seattle and St. Louis contest, and we are ready to move on to Week 9. Before we start looking ahead to the actual games, we take a look out our Week 9 NFL Power Rankings.

As always, feel free to discuss my rankings in the comments and tell me who is too high or too low.

Team LW Change Week 8 Result Remarks
1 Kc_tiny_medium
1 --- W, 23-17 vs Cleveland Last year, Kansas City had a 2-14 record. This year, they are the first team to clinch a non-losing record.
2 Sea_tiny_medium
2 --- W, 14-9 at St. Louis Seattle looked surprised St. Louis came to play, but they somehow held on for the win.
3 Den_tiny_medium
3 --- W, 45-21 vs Washington It took a little while, but the Broncos offense woke up.
4 Gb_tiny_medium
4 --- W, 44-31 at Minnesota Aaron Rodgers threw for 285 yards, without Randall Cobb, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley. Who was catching those passes?
5 Ind_tiny_medium
5 --- BYE BYE
6 Saints_tiny_medium
6 --- W, 35-17 vs Buffalo Drew Brees looked like...well, like Drew Brees.
7 Sf_tiny_medium
7 --- W, 42-10 vs Jacksonville (London) Colin Kaepernick only threw 16 passes in a 42-10 demolition of Jacksonville in London.
8 Cin_tiny_medium
8 --- W, 49-9 vs New York Jets Cincinnati crushed New York this week. Hopefully they used up all their offensive explosion before Thursday night's game against Miami.
9 Ne_tiny_medium
9 --- W, 27-17 vs Miami Tom Brady may not be Tom Brady this year, but on Sunday, he was enough Tom Brady.
10 Chi_tiny_medium
11 +1 BYE BYE
11 Det_tiny_medium
12 +1 W, 31-30 vs Dallas Matt Stafford's fake spike was not as good as Dan Marino's, but it sure was good.
12 Bal_tiny_medium
13 +1 BYE BYE
13 Atl_tiny_medium
10 -3 L, 27-13 at Arizona So much for climbing back up the rankings. Four Matt Ryan interceptions doomed Atlanta.
14 Sd_tiny_medium
16 +2 BYE BYE
15 Dal_tiny_medium
14 -1 L, 31-30 at Detroit A 102.9 passer rating and three TD passes, but that's not enough. Tony Romo should have tackled Matt Stafford too.
16 Car_tiny_medium
20 +4 W, 31-13 at Tampa Bay Ted Ginn Jr. was the leading receiver in the game. Yes, you read that correctly.
17 Nyj_tiny_medium
15 -2 L, 49-9 at Cincinnati If you add Geno Smith and Matt Simms' passer ratings, you have a 102.2, which still could not match Andy Dalton's 125.7.
18 Cle_tiny_medium
18 --- L, 23-17 at Kansas City It doesn't seem to matter who plays quarterback for Cleveland. Case in point, Jason Campbell had a 105.4 passer rating. Too bad it was not enough to win in Arrowhead
19 Mia_tiny_medium
17 -2 L, 27-17 at New England The first half would have seen Miami jump up the rankings. The second half changed that.
20 Phi_tiny_medium
19 -1 L, 15-7 vs New York (N) The only points Philadelphia scored as a 2-yard fumble recovery touchdown. Where is the magical Chip Kelly offense?
21 Ten_tiny_medium
22 +1 BYE BYE
22 Oak_tiny_medium
25 +3 W, 21-18 vs Pittsburgh One first down and 35 yards of offense in the second half is horrible. Coming away with the W should make it feel a little better.
23 Buf_tiny_medium
21 -2 L, 35-17 at New Orleans You don't go into the Superdome and beat Drew Brees. Miami learned that earlier this year. Buffalo got their lesson this week.
24 Pit_tiny_medium
23 -1 L, 21-18 at Oakland On the opening snap of the game, Terrelle Pryor ran for 93 yards and a touchdown against Pittsburgh. They may as well have called the game then.
25 Stl_tiny_medium
24 -1 L, 14-9 vs Seattle Maybe emptying the backfield with 4 seconds left on the one yard line was the wrong decision.
26 Hou_tiny_medium
27 +1 BYE BYE
27 Ari_tiny_medium
28 +1 W, 27-13 vs Atlanta Matt Ryan seems confused when he plays Arizona, throwing four interceptions this week to go with five picks against Arizona last year. What a day for Arizona running back Andre Ellington.
28 Nyg_tiny_medium
29 +1 W, 15-7 at Philadelphia Five field goals for the win.
29 Was_tiny_medium
26 -3 L, 45-21 at Denver Your quarterback cannot struggle when you are playing Denver. Robert Griffin III did, and Washington couldn't keep pace with Peyton Manning.
30 Min_tiny_medium
30 --- L, 44-31 vs Green Bay The quarterback carousel fell on Christian Ponder again this week. He might actually wish it hadn't.
31 Jax_tiny_medium
31 --- L, 42-10 vs San Francisco (London) That's a really long plane flight after a "home" loss.
32 Tb_tiny_medium
32 --- L, 31-13 vs Carolina At least the cannon scared Cam Newton. That's something.

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