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Fool's Gold

We've been hornswaggled....again.

Jim Rogash

This Dolphin team is a sham. After their 3 - 0 and start, they certainly appeared as though they were for real. Years of mistakes had been washed away, and Jeff Ireland and company had constructed a winner. The plan put in place a few years ago was coming to fruition. Ryan Tannehill was a great quarterback in the making and a franchise savior.

After Sunday's debacle, it appears an all too familiar situation has presented itself yet again; this regime has no idea what they are doing. Tannehill looks like Chad Henne 2.0. Wallace is a good player, but not the elite, game changing play-maker we were sold. Philbin and Sherman are middling offensive minds at BEST, and the defense is average but entirely too beatable.

Let's be clear; The Patriots aren't the Patriots this season, and the Bills suck. The Dolphins couldn't win either of those games. Our quarterback has become a turnover factory, giving the ball away at a pace so frantic Eli Manning and Tony Romo think he should slow down. The play calling is horrendous, and no one is stepping up in big moments on either side of the ball. The roster appears to have talent but absolutely no leadership, and the coaching staff certainly hasn't been very inspiring.

Being a Dolphin fan is infuriating. My wife, who knows nothing about football, has to be so confused as to why I even bother. Frankly, I'm beginning to wonder myself. I've been an avid Miami Dolphin fan since 1989 (prior to that I was too young to actually watch and appreciate games). I've seen several NFL dynasties rise and fall. The Dolphins are no better than the Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions over the time period. Even the Bengals and Cardinals have been to Super Bowls, and the Jets have made it to 3 times as many AFC Championship games.

During the 4th quarter on Sunday, just as that horrible penalty call had sealed yet another defeat, she asked me if they were losing. "Always," I replied. They are always losing.