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Dan Marino returning to Dolphins? It's possible

In 2004, the Miami Dolphins introduced Dan Marino as their new Senior Vice President of Football Operations. Three weeks later, he stepped down, saying he could not spend the energy needed for the job. Now, it sounds like he could be ready to reconsider.

Streeter Lecka

Could Daan Marino and the Miami Dolphins still have another chapter to write? The last time the Dolphins and Marino were together, it was a three week flirtation in 2004, when Marino was briefly the Senior Vice President of Football Operations. However, Marino stepped down, citing the energy required for the job as the reason. But, nearly a decade later, it sounds like Marino could be ready to give it another shot.

"I always think about getting back involved in football,'' Marino stated during an appearance on Showtime's Inside The NFL (via Dave Hyde). "You see John Elway, how successful he is. It's something you always think about, getting back into football. It's something I'd look at, I'd consider."

If Marino is looking to get back into football, there's only one team that it makes sense for him to join. But, how would the Dolphins do it, and what kind of power would he be given? General manager Jeff Ireland's contract specifically says he answers to Stephen Ross, the owner, and no one else. Would a move like bringing Marino in to be the Bill Parcells-style football czar mean a chance to the GM-owner relationship?

Would it mean Ireland would be on his way out of South Florida?

Would Ross even want to give Marino decision making power?

It's an interesting thought, and, if it happens, would excite the fans, knowing Number 13 would be back with the team. But, at this point, it's purely speculations based on a comment from Marino. How the team feels about the idea isn't known, and how it would all work is unclear.

But, it sure would be nice to see Marino wearing Dolphins gear again.

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