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MNF Live Thread: Vikings @ Giants Edition

In a game that I am sure the schedule makers thought would be a decent contest at the beginning of the year, the Vikings travel to New York to take on the Giants. Join us here to discuss this game and all of the other happenings in the NFL this week.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Leading off the year no one could have predicted that the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants would enter week 7 of the season with one win between the two of them. The Vikings come in to the game struggling and seemingly spinning the wheel of quarterbacks each week. This will be the third quarterback to start for the Vikings in the past four games with the debut of the former Buccaneers quarterback, Josh Freeman in purple. The Vikings of course still have Adrian Peterson but Adrian is banged up and struggling, perhaps as a result of being the only thing his team has going for it and of course coming off of his own personal tragedy just a little over a week ago.

On the other side of the ball is an aging team led by starting quarterback Eli Manning who unlike his older brother is not having a great year behind center. Despite Eli seeming to have thrown an interception to every DB in the NFL this season he has good shot at getting himself and his team off the snide this week. Up till now the Giants have gone win-less in their worst start since the strike shortened year of 1987. The Vikings are giving up a ton of yards through the air and that might just be the prescription to fix what ails the Giants. Well at least for one week.