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Bills vs Dolphins first quarter score: Buffalo leads 14-0 after one

The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills have completed the first quarter of play, with Buffalo leading

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have taken a __ lead over the Miami Dolphins after the first quarter.  Miami has come out sloppy on the day, with an offense that cannot move the ball and a defense that is already backing up thanks to the Bills' power running game.

The Dolphins clearly are struggling in their first game since the bye week, and they have to wake up quickly to get back into a game that has featured Ryan Tannehill throwing a pick six on a really bad decision and a penalty on Don Jones for being the first person to touch the ball after running out of bounds on punt coverage.  That penalty, a five yarder officially, resulted in a 40-yard difference between the two punts.

Miami has come out running the ball and trying to establish Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller on the ground, as well as moving the pocket a little.  However, they struggled early to get the ball moving.

Then, things started to click on a late quarter drive, as Miami both ran the ball well and passed effectively.  Well, until the final play of the drive as Tannehill just lobbed a ball up into the air and had it intercepted on the one yard line.

The Bills have the ball at their own 15 yard line as the quarter ends.

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