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SNF Live Thread: Broncos @ Colts Edition

In what may be the game of the week Denver Broncos starting QB Peyton Manning returns to the place that he called home for the first 14 years of his career to face second year upstart Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts. Join us here to discuss this game or any of the other happenings in the NFL earlier today.

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The story line of the day is no doubt the return of Peyton Manning to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to take on the team that he was at the helm of for 14 seasons, the Indianapolis Colts. Following the 2011 season in which the Colts wound up with with the number one overall pick, mostly due to the injury that sidelined Manning, the Colts decided to go in a different direction, cutting Manning and drafting phenom Andrew Luck.

Thus far the move seems to have been mutually beneficial for both parties. Andrew Luck has since being drafted looked every part a guy that will eventually become the NFL star (if he id not already there) that many experts assumed he would be. Following a horrid season for Indy, Luck took his Colts to the playoffs in his rookie season.

On the other side Manning not only took his new team, the Broncos, to the playoffs but also took home the prize as the comeback player of the year. All Manning has done to follow that up this year is to start this season on a 6 game tear that has been nothing short of historic. In six contests he has thrown for 2,179 yards and 22 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions. On his current pace Manning is projected to throw for 5,810 yards with 59 TD's and only 5 interceptions.

Manning comes in to this game saying all of the right things as he has always done. Unfortunately the Colts owner, Jim Irsay, continues to prove that he is one of the most classless owners in all of sports. Irsay complained this week that Manning did not win enough playoff games during his time with the Colts despite Manning being the only thing keeping them in contention for many of those years. It is also doubtful that without what Manning accomplished in his time in Indy that they get their new stadium built.

I suspect that despite his always classy outward demeanor that privately Manning is hoping to return to Indy and light the place up, thus proving a point. On the other side of the ball Andrew Luck will be hoping to prove a point of his own, that he was the correct choice. I think in the end Manning rules the day but that Luck follows with many winning season in Indianapolis. Of course we would all be winners if Jim Irsay would just have himself a big tall glass of shut the hell up!

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