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NFL Playoff Picture: AFC Week 6

While it's still a little early in the season to really be considering the playoffs, we are going to start updating the AFC Playoffs picture each week. Here's our first look:

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Yes, the NFL Playoffs are still 11 weeks away, but we are going to start tracking the playoff picture each week because we can. We start that today with our first look at the standings.

To no one's surprise, the Denver Broncos take the top seed with their 6-0 record. That leaves the other 6-0 teams, the Kansas City Chiefs, to take the fifth seed, thanks to being in the same division as the Broncos.

The AFC East leading New England Patriots, and their 5-1 record, are currently the second seed, while the AFC North top team, the Cincinnati Bengals, are currently at 4-2 on the year and in the third position. After losing last night, the AFC South's Indianapolis Colts fall from the third spot down to the fourth seed with their 4-2 record.

Which brings us to the sixth seed, and the Miami Dolphins. Other than the Patriots coming away with the win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Week 6 was a perfect week for the Dolphins, as the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills all lost. With all those Ls hitting the standings, the Dolphins actually jumped from 10th in the conference to sixth, despite not playing.

A half game behind Miami are five teams, all looking to fight their way into the position held currently by the Dolphins: the Ravens, Titans, Browns, Jets, and Chargers. Behind them are the Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Buffalo Bills, all at 2-4, while the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-4 and, finally, the Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-6.

Each week, we will include the first five teams outside the playoff seeds in the "In the Hunt" column, while the remaining five teams will be in the "The Rest" column. As teams are officially eliminated from the playoffs, their logo will turn gray.

What do you think of our graphic?

What do you think of the Dolphins sitting in the sixth seed right now?

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