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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Only Broncos, Chiefs remain undefeated

Tuesday morning means it's time for the Phinsider's NFL Power Rankings. Here's a look at how the 32 NFL teams rank heading into Week 7. Don't have a free SB Nation account? Sign up here.

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With the San Diego Chargers beating the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football, the NFL's Week 6 schedule is officially closed, and it's time to look forward to Week 7. We start that with our weekly NFL Power Rankings. Here are my rankings for your review and commentary.

Team LW Change Week 5 Result Remarks
1 --- W, 35-19 vs Jacksonville 6-0 and on to Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis.
2 Kc_tiny_medium
3 +1 W, 24-7 vs Oakland From the first overall pick to a 6-0 start. Crazy.
3 Sea_tiny_medium
5 +2 W, 20-13 vs Tennessee Seattle tried to Garo Ypremian away the game, but held on for an ugly win.
4 Gb_tiny_medium
6 +2 W, 19-17 at Baltimore Wide receiver after wide receiver went down, yet Green Bay still beat the defending Super Bowl champs in their home.
5 Ne_tiny_medium
9 +4 W, 30-27 vs New Orleans That last touchdown was ridiculous. Which is exactly why we all should have expected it.
6 Saints_tiny_medium
2 -4 L, 30-27 at New England Why couldn't the Superdome New Orleans show up and keep Drew Brees perfect against Tom Brady?
7 Sf_tiny_medium
7 --- W, 32-20 vs Arizona It was closer than it should have been through three quarters, but San Francisco was able to pull away in the end.
8 Cin_tiny_medium
8 --- W, 27-24 at Buffalo Tried to hand the game to a practice squad quarterback starting for Buffalo, but woke up in time and won in overtime.
9 Ind_tiny_medium
4 -5 L, 19-9 at San Diego Andrew Luck for kil...oh, nevermind.
10 Chi_tiny_medium
10 --- W, 27-21 vs New York Giants Nothing like facing the Giants to get your season headed in the rightdirection.
11 Det_tiny_medium
14 +3 W, 31-17 at Cleveland Good road win over a tough opponent. What a difference Calvin Johnson makes.
12 Bal_tiny_medium
11 -1 L, 19-17 vs Green Bay Had a chance to win it, but couldn't. The off-and-on Super Bowl hangover was on this week.
13 --- BYE The bye week needs to have brought health and a pass blocking ability.
14 Cle_tiny_medium
12 -2 L, 31-17 vs Detroit The defense let down the Browns in the second half, and the offense is not good enough to make up for it.
15 Atl_tiny_medium
16 +1 BYE At least they technically gained ground on New Orleans this week, but 1-4 was not how Atlanta wanted to spend their bye week.
16 Dal_tiny_medium
19 +3 W, 31-16 vs Washington Sitting atop the bad NFC East, but the loss of DeMarcus Ware cannot make that perch comfortable.
17 Phi_tiny_medium
20 +3 W, 31-20 at Tampa Bay Did anyone outside Philadelphia realize they are one of just four teams in NFL history with 400+ yards of offense in each of the first six games of a season?
18 Ten_tiny_medium
17 -1 L, 20-13 at Seattle Seattle did everything they could to give the game to Tennessee. Tennessee didn't want it.
19 Sd_tiny_medium
25 +6 W, 19-9 vs Indianapolis San Diego trying to get their season righted. Two bad the only remaining undefeated teams are both in their division.
20 Stl_tiny_medium
22 +2 W, 38-13 at Houston Allowed 420 yards of offense, while only gaining 216. Lost time of possession battle 35:10 to 24:50. Lost first down 27-15. Lost penalties 7 to 9. Won the game - which is all that counts.
21 Nyj_tiny_medium
18 -3 L, 19-6 vs Pittsburgh Wasn't a star born last week? Geno Smith backed up his AFC Player of the Week performance with a 48.8 passer rating day.
22 Hou_tiny_medium
15 -7 L, 38-13 vs St. Louis What a dramatic difference a year can make.
23 Car_tiny_medium
24 +1 W, 35-10 at Minnesota A 143.4 passer rating will quiet the calls for Cam Newton's benching - at least for a week.
24 Ari_tiny_medium
21 -3 L, 32-20 at San Francisco If the Cardinals could have played the middle portion of the game only, they could have won it. But started and ended the game slowly, and it did them in.
25 Oak_tiny_medium
23 -2 L, 24-7 at Kansas City Terrelle Pryor was rattled all game. I guess that happens in the loudest stadium in the world and when you get sacked 10 times.
26 Buf_tiny_medium
25 -1 L, 27-24 vs Cincinnati How far has Matt Flynn fallen? He is now backing up a guy who was on the practice squad two weeks ago.
27 Pit_tiny_medium
29 +2 W, 19-6 at New York Jets Nothing like facing the Jets to get your season headed in the right direction.
28 Was_tiny_medium
28 --- L, 31-16 at Dallas Hey! Would you look at that. This RG3 guy is kind of mobile. Who knew?
29 Min_tiny_medium
27 -2 L, 35-10 vs Carolina Could the QB carousel be heading toward Josh Freeman starting?
30 Jax_tiny_medium
32 +2 L, 35-19 at Denver I'll give the Jaguars a bump out of the 32nd position this week after a decent performance against a lackluster Denver performance.
31 Tb_tiny_medium
30 -1 L, 31-20 vs Philadelphia Without Josh Freeman around, who does Greg Schiano blame now?
32 Nyg_tiny_medium
31 -1 L, 27-21 at Chicago Only in the NFC East can you start 0-6, and only be three games out of first place.

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