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Dolphins offensive line changes may still be on horizon

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins returned to practice following their bye week, and the offensive line was the same as the line that the team used before the break. But, it may not take very long for changes to show up.


"He understands the situation," Miami Dolphin offensive coordinator Mike Sherman told the Palm Beach Post's Hal Habib about starting right tackle Tyson Clabo on Monday.

That situation is an unacceptably low level of performance. And, unfortunately, he's not the only offensive lineman for the Dolphins who has been playing poorly - but he is the worst of a subpar group at this point.

The Dolphins have allowed a league high 24 sacks this year, with every member of the offensive line, as well as the running backs, tight ends, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, at fault. At the current pace, Tannehill will be sacked 77 times, which would set the record for most sacks on one quarterback in a season.

Before the bye week, head coach Joe Philbin had said there would not be any personnel changes to the offensive line over the bye, and he appears to have held to his word after yesterday's practice. However, it also appears those changes are not far off. If Clabo, or the rest of the line, does not pick up their play quickly, they may soon see Nate Garner, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, or Will Yeatman working their way into the starting lineup.

Whatever happens this week, both in practice and against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, whether the team is able to execute better or a new protection scheme is installed, a shakeup to the line may not be far off. Will the current version of the line be able to hold it off? We'll find out on Sunday.

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