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Dolphins offensive line remains the same in first practice after bye

Before the off time granted by the bye week, the Miami Dolphins' head coach Joe Philbin told everyone that there would not be any offensive line changes during the bye. With the first practice after the time off, it appears he was telling the truth.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, Tyson Clabo. That was the Miami Dolphins offensive line before the bye week started.

Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, John Jerry, Tyson Clabo. That's the Miami Dolphins offensive line after the bye week ended.

The Miami Dolphins returned to practice today after a few days off during the bye week. Before the bye, head coach Joe Philbin told the media that he was not expecting any changes to the offensive line during the by week. After the bye week, it appears he was telling the truth. During the portion of the practice open to the media, the starting offensive line for the Dolphins was exactly the same as the starting offensive line pre-bye.

Of course, that does not mean the offensive line won't see some changes. Reporters are only allowed to see the first few (around 15) minutes of practice. What the team does the rest of the workout is unknown. For all we know, the team mixed and matched players all day today, but just not in front of the reporters early in practice.

But, that's just speculation. They could have done that. They could have actually stuck with the same starting lineup. There's no way to know for sure.

Let's assume, however, that the team will not make any changes, such as inserting Nate Garner, Danny Watkins, or Will Yeatman, into the starting lineup. That means all the improved protection the Dolphins need the remainder of the season will have to come through scheme adjustments and better execution. Can this group do that? We won't know for sure until Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

But, something has to change for the Dolphins, and, since it does not appear to be the players, it better be the scheme. Otherwise, the NFL record for a single quarterback being sacked (76) may be in reach this year. The Dolphins are on pace to allow 77 sacks on Ryan Tannehill.

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