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Dolphins Stock Watch after Saints loss

The Miami Dolphins lost, and lost big, to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night. Today, we take a look at the Miami players who helped their stick rating, and those who hurt it.

Stacy Revere

The Miami Dolphins simply got out played by a much better team last night.  The New Orleans Saints are back to their 2011 selves after the debacke that was their Bountygate 2012 campaign.  While things weren't pretty for Miami, there were several players who actually helped their stock rating during the game.  Here's a look at whose stock rose, and whose fell, for Miami on Monday night.

Stock up: Jared Odrick - Odrick came out on a mission on Monday night.  He had five tackles, four for a loss, during the game, with one sack, and one quarterback hit.  The interior of the Miami defensive line was great during the game.  Unfortunately, it takes more than just them to stop an offense like the Saints'.

Stock down: Ryan Tannehill - Tannehill fumble, Saints touchdown.  Tannehill interception, Saints touchdown.  Tannehill interception, Saints fumble.  Tannehill interception, Saints end game.  It was a rough game all around, but Tannehill definitely struggled.  It didn't help that the Saints, turned the Dolphins one dimensional in the second half, where they knew Miami was only going to throw the ball in an effort to get back into the game, but Miami's second year quarterback was simply beaten Monday night.

Stock up: Brandon Gibson - The Dolphins' third receiver came up big for the offense, catching six of the eight passes thrown his direction, for 71 yards.  Among receivers with more than one reception, he led the team with an 11.8 yards per catch average.  Gibson has taken advantage of the coverage on Mike Wallace this year, and he is doing it well.

Stock down: Mike Wallace - Speaking of the Dolphins' number one receiver, he had another bad game.  I don't care about the $60 million, which it seems some people obsess over - that was the going rate for Wallace, and the Dolphins wanted a speedster that could take the top of a defense, which is exactly what he is doing.  Brian Hartline, Gibson, Rishard Matthews, and Charles Clay, are all seeing less coverage because of the presence of Wallace.  But, Wallace needs to be more than just a decoy on every snap.  And, when the ball does come his way, he needs to catch it - two passes went through his hands on Monday night, and whether or not the ball could have been placed better, the fact that he had both hands on both passes means he should have caught them.

Stock up: Lamar Miller - Miller is 21st in the NFL right now with a 4.6 yards per carry average - and that's with the team's abysmal Week 1 rushing performance.  Since that 10 carry for three yards night, Miller is averaging 5.8 yards a carry, which would put him in the top five averages on the year, third if you take out quarterbacks.  In the first half of the game, when Miami was free to run the ball because the game was still close, Miller flashed some of that speed and ability.  He carried the ball just 11 times total Monday night, but gained 62 yards with a touchdown.  After a slow start to the season, Miller seems to be turning it on now.

Stock down: Offensive line - A lot of credit goes to the Saints defensive front because, once the Saints opened up a big lead, and the Dolphins were relegated to passing on nearly every play, they pinned their ears back and came after Tannehill.  But, at some point, this offensive line has to stop someone.  Anyone.  Just stop them.  Tannehill holds on to the ball too long sometimes - but there has to be times when he gets that extra second to make a decision as well.  I still think this offensive line can come together and be a solid unit, but it's getting harder and harder to stick to that argument.

Honorable Mention: Charles Clay - Six receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown for Clay continues his season of at least four catches in every game.  He is currently averaging 12.3 yards per catch this year, and he is clearly a trusted target for Tannehill in the passing game.

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