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Week 4: AFC East Review

This week was a painful loss for our beloved Dolphins. Lets get this result out of the way and take a quick look at the other games in the AFC East.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Miami Dolphins 17 - 38 New Orleans Saints

I normally save the best for last, but lets get this result out of the way.  Lets make no mistake, the Saints cruised to this victory.  Before the game, Dolphins fans were optimistic.  Many of yourselves might remember my preview and prediction article, where I wasn't feeling so optimistic.  But we shouldn't feel hard done by.  This Saints team are a Super Bowl calibre team.

Most probably a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Drew Brees threw 413 passing yards and four touchdowns.  The Saints picked up a further touchdown on the ground through Darren Sproles, who also finished as the team's best receiver receiver with 114 yards and a score.

At the end of the first half, the Dolphins were trailing by 21-10, but the Saints killed off any hope of a Dolphins victory in the third quarter as tight ends Benjamin Watson and Jimmy Graham both caught scores.

The Saints are now 4-0 for the season, in comparison to 0-4 last season.  Time to move on from this loss.

New York Jets 13 - 38 Tennessee Titans

The Dolphins weren't the only team in the AFC East to succumb to a heavy defeat.  Even worse off, the New York Jets lost by more points than the Dolphins.  How about I brighten up your day even more so.  Remember how all Dolphins fans thought it was hilarious when Mark Sanchez made a behind-the-butt fumble?  Well Geno Smith can now right his name into folklore as the second Jets quarterback in successive years to do the same.  Even better, the Titans made a recovery for a touchdown.  Even better some more, this was only one of countless errors made by the Jets.  Smith made too many turnovers, the team committed ten penalties and a total of four passing touchdowns were given up.

And one last thing, lets soak up the mindset of the Jets.

"We're 2-2.  That's it," Willie Colon said.  "we're not f***ing, we're not 2-8."

Based on this performance, they just might be.

Baltimore Raven 20 - 23 Buffalo Bills

This Sunday, Miami face the Baltimore Ravens.  Based on the Ravens performance, the Dolphins stand a good chance of winning this game.  On their way to defeat, Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco threw a career-high five interceptions against an inconsistent Buffalo team, to finish with 25 of 50 for 347 yards and two touchdowns.

It wasn't all bad for the Ravens, as Flacco passed on 31 consecutive plays during one period off the game and the Ravens twice had the football in Bills' territory late in the fourth quarter, with a chance to win a game.  But in the end it wasn't enough for the Ravens as the Bills held on to win the game after taking a 20 - 7 lead.

New England Patriots 30 - 23 Atlanta Falcons

The Patriots continued their unbeaten streak to go 4-0 on the season to beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night.  For the second consecutive week, Tom Brady once against successfully connected with his rookie receivers after struggling in the first few games of the season.  At one point, the Patriots amassed a 30-13 lead before Atlanta pulled themselves back into the game.  The Falcons even had the chance to tie the game up in the final minute, before Aqib Talib got in the way of Matt Ryan's fourth down pass in the end zone with just 36 minutes remaining.  Undrafted free agent Kendrell Thompkins finished the game with 6 catches for 127 yards.  That's an impressive stat for a first round rookie wide receiver, let alone an undrafted one.

While the Falcons continue to struggle, the Patriots continue their march to the top of the AFC East division.  Lets hope the Dolphins stop them.

What do you think about the Dolphins loss on Monday?  Do you think the team can pull it back together against the Baltimore Ravens?  Lets hear your thoughts.