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Super Bowl 2013: Favorite Recipes Part II

Last week, we asked for your favorite Super Bowl recipes. We return today for one last round of entries before we compile them all into a "Phinsider Cookbook" and share them here on the site, as well as in SB Nation's collection. Let us know, what are your favorite foods? Do you cook your own wings? How? What about making that killer dip? Anything at all, share it with us here.

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As we wrote last time, the 2013 Super Bowl is coming. We're down to just three days until the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens face off in New Orleans for the right to be called NFL Champions. That means we have just three days to gather the ingredients we need for our favorite Super Bowl foods. What's your go to recipe for the big game?

Let us know what your favorite recipe is by sharing it in the comments below. Later this week, we will collect all the entries, and publish a Phinsider community "cookbook." You know we all want to be able to help each other when it comes to great food on the unofficial holiday that is Super Bowl Sunday. Make sure your "secret" family recipe and let all of us enjoy!