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Super Bowl 2013: Anthony Dixon Interview at 49ers Media Day

David Fucillo is in New Orleans covering Super Bowl XLVII for SB Nation. On Tuesday at the San Francisco 49ers media day session, Fooch got a few minutes with running back Anthony Dixon. Stay tuned for more interviews, previews and coverage from down in New Orleans.

As we learned last night, David Fucillo from SB Nation's Niners Nation decided it was a nice time of year to head to New Orleans for a week. Not realizing that Mardi Gras was last week and next week, Fooch has wandered the city looking for something to do. Yesterday, he somehow found his way into the Superdome where there happened to be a bunch of NFL players talking to the media.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Fooch quickly separated one player from the herd, getting a few minutes with San Francisco 49ers running back Anthony Dixon. Apparently, there's a big game coming up for the 49ers, despite the season having ended back at the end of December and all of these games are just "exhibitions" (at least, that's what I keep telling myself every year....I know the rest of you Miami Dolphins fans understand).

Check out Fooch's interview with Dixon at yesterday's Super Bowl XLVII Media Day.