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Dolphins Rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill Season Review

The Miami Dolphins selected Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in last April's NFL Draft. While he was expected to sit for a year and develop further before being handed the reigns to the team, Tannehill was the first Dolphins quarterback to start all 16 games in his rookie season. But, how do fans view Tannehill's first campaign?

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The Miami Dolphins did something in 2012 they had not done since 1983 when they selected Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round of the NFL Draft. Despite the belief that Tannehill would need a year to sit, watch, and develop, under center in Week 1 was the rookie, the first time the franchise had ever started a rookie quarterback on opening day .

Tannehill would set rookie franchise records in games started (16), passing yards in a game (431), passing yards in a season (3,294), season passing attempts (484), and season pass completions (282). He also set the franchise record for the longest rush by a quarterback (31 yards). He missed the rookie completion percentage by 0.1%.

But the Dolphins would finish the season below .500 for the fourth straight season - the first time that has happened since the franchise's first four years in existence.

Was it a successful year for Tannehill, or should we have seen more? Before the poll, here's a look at Tannehill stats on the 2012 season:

Games Completions Attempts Compl % Yards Avg TD INT Long Fumbles Pass Rating
16 282 484 58.3 3,294 6.81 12 13 80 5 76.1
Games Rushes Yards Avg Long TD First Down Fumbles
16 49 211 4.3 31 2 16 4 (Lost 1)

What do you think of Tannehill's rookie season? Does the fact that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are both headed to the playoffs tarnish anything Tannehill did? What about Russell Wilson, who was drafted in the third round and is also taking his team to the playoffs?

Vote in the poll and feel free to discuss your impression of Tannehill in the comments.