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Super Bowl 2013: Game will raise $185 million for New Orleans

This Sunday, Super Bowl XLVII will kick off in New Orleans, with the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers facing off. Today, Forbes and PwC US reported that the game will generate an estimated $185 million for New Orleans over the course of this week.


In an offseason that features a debate around Miami over a proposed renovation project to Sun Life Stadium, professional services form PwC US estimates that New Orleans, who will host the Super Bowl this Sunday, will see the game generate $185 million. If Miami were to host one Super Bowl and see the same amount of revenue generation, the game would generate almost the entire $199 million estimated public funding needed for the Dolphins' upgrades to their stadium.

According to a Forbes report on the PwC US finding, the $185 million comes from "direct visitor spending on things like lodging, transportation, food, beverages and various tourism activities." Forbes points out that the total estimate exceeds the $150 million in revenue generated by last year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis, but less than the $200 million mark made by Dallas from the Super Bowl in 2011.

The Dolphins are looking to add things like a canopy over the seating area, seats closer to the field, high definition lighting, and improved video boards to the stadium. The team hopes that those, along with several other changes, will keep Sun Life Stadium, opened in 1987, in competition with newer stadiums in an effort to continue to attract the Super Bowl and the NCAA National Championship game to the Miami / South Florida market.

Super Bowl XLVII kicks off Sunday night at 6:30pm ET. The game features the AFC's Baltimore Ravens against the NFC's San Francisco 49ers.