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Jets Have "Exploratory Discussions" About JaMarcus Russell

The New York Jets are looking to revamp their team after a disappointing season led the the firing of coaches and their general manager. Somehow, somewhere, someone thought a "exploratory, informal discussion" about former number one overall pick JaMarcus Russell was a good idea.

Ezra Shaw

In a week of Super Bowl build up, including more coverage of Ray Lewis and the brothers Harbaugh than you could ever want, the Newark Star-Ledger has brought us possibly the greatest, and funniest, news story possible. According to their report, the New York Jets are working to improve their quarterback position - and somehow, the conversation turned to former number one overall pick turned massive bust JaMarcus Russell.

And massive actually describes Russell. The quarterback, who was floating around the Senior Bowl last week trying to drum up interest and, possibly, a try out, told people that, since starting his comeback six weeks ago, his cardio regimen has him down to a svelte 308 pounds.

Sounds like exactly what the Jets need, right?

According to the Star-Ledger report, the team had "very exploratory, informal discussions" about Russell. To be fair, the Jets seem to be turning over every possible quarterback rock, despite head coach Rex Ryan's "support" of his tattoo, I mean quarterback, Mark Sanchez. The team was seen spending time with North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon, as well as having scouted West Virginia's Geno Smith, Syracuse's Ryan Nassib, and Virginia Tech's Logan Thomas (who decided to return to to school this year).

While new general manager John Idzik is doing his due diligence in finding some competition for Sanchez, you know you are laughing at the idea of Russell with the Jets.