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2013 NFL Mock Draft: 3 Rounds from Matthew Fairburn

The 2013 NFL Draft is less than three weeks away, and projections of how the draft will progress are coming out all over the place. Today, Matthew Fairburn from Mocking the Draft updated his mock, expanding it to three full rounds of selections.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL Draft is getting closer, and the mock drafts that go along with it are coming at a fast a furious pace now. Earlier today, I posted my updated mock, but don't think that will be the only mock coverage we will have today. We also get to take a look at SB Nation's Mocking the Draft writer Matthew Fairburn's most recent 2013 NFL Mock Draft. And, Fairburn did not do just one round; he didn't do two rounds; Fairburn busted out three rounds in his updated projection.

With three rounds, that means we get to see five picks from the Miami Dolphins. Let's see what Fairburn has in store for Miami.

12. Miami Dolphins
Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame
TE 6'5 1/2
250 Jr.

The Dolphins have done a lot in free agency and could be positioning themselves for a trade down (or up if they really want a certain player). With the best offensive linemen gone, getting another weapon for Ryan Tannehill would be a wise move. Wide receiver signing Mike Wallace won't do a lot for Miami in the red zone, so Eifert could be the perfect security blanket.

Tyler Eifert scouting report

I like it. I have not taken Eifert in a mock draft yet, and he's not projected to Miami very often, but he could be a great pick for the Dolphins.

42. Miami Dolphins - Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
Miami needs to add a young cornerback to the mix. With the amount of zone coverage the team plays, Jordan Poyer would be an excellent fit.

Miami answers a pressing need with the addition of Poyer, another good pick for Miami, who still have three picks to look for a defensive end, offensive lineman, and, possibly, a wide receiver at this point.

54. Miami Dolphins - Eric Reid, S, LSU
Miami adds another talented player to a secondary that needs a few.

Absolutely the right pick here. I have Reid going late in the first round. If the Dolphins can land him here, you have to take him. The position is not a have to fill need, but is a minor one for Miami. Chris Clemons was re-signed to a one year deal this offseason, so putting a young safety behind him to learn for a year before taking over the position is a great plan.

77. Miami Dolphins - Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State

I question this move by Fairburn. A pick after taking Reid, he sees the Dolphins doubling down on the safety position with Thomas. Reshad Jones is becoming a great player in the Miami secondary already, so the addition of Thomas here is a little overkill, especially with offensive line and defensive end needs remaining.

Looking at his draft, offensive guard/tackle Kyle Long is slotted to go 79th to the New York Giants. That's probably the pick I make at this point.

And, with their final pick in this mock draft:

80. Miami Dolphins - Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

Another great value pick late in the third round for Miami. Montgomery could go as high as the late first round, depending how the first run of pass rushers goes. Finding him here could give the Dolphins the pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake they need.

What do you think of Fairburn's mock? Check out the entire 2013 NFL Mock Draft here.