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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Phinsider Community Picks 9-16

The Phinsider Community Mock Draft continues this morning with picks 9-16. Each of these picks is made by one of the readers here on the site, with their explanation of why they made that selection.


The Phinsider Community mock draft returns today with our second set of eight picks. Here are the readers' selections for picks 9-16:

Phinsider Community Mock Draft: Picks 1-8







9. New York Jets

Jarvis Jones





GM: Laces out

As much as it pains me to do anything to help the Jets I go with by far and away the best pass rusher on the board here. I understand he has the spinal-stenosis issue looming in the back of everyone's head, but when you look at the production he is literally 3 times the pass rusher that any other prospect in this draft is.

The Jets have more holes than a 10 pound wheel of swiss cheese, so they could go a number of routes here, but I believe it is too high for a G, CB or DT here. With Geno Smith being gone I don't look for them to go QB. I just think with Ryan still at the helm this kid is too good of a prospect to let go (even with the injury concerns)


10. Tennessee Titans

Chance Warmack





GM: dolphinfan4lyfe

While Tennessee has a history of selecting and being able to produce talent on the interior O-line front, they have not done so recently, and the result is an interior Offensive line in shambles. Warmack gives them a solid option that will help open up holes for Chris Johnson and protect the QB. With the top CB prospect and a very shaky QB, WR class, this pick makes sense for an offense that relies on keeping the chains moving with the running game.


11. San Diego Chargers

Jonathan Cooper





GM: crableg

The chargers were 27th in rushing and gave up a lot of sacks. They need line help and, as the best tackles are gone, and Warmack is gone, Cooper is the best OL option on the board. Some grade him out above Warmack.


12. Miami Dolphins

Desmond Trufant





GM: bacattack51

At this moment, CB is the #2 need on the team (behind RT), and a very pressing need. With our current group of CB's we are banking on Grimes and Marshall returning 100% from season ending injuries. Outside of these two, Patterson could be on the chopping block due to $0 dead money, and Carroll hasn't progressed the way I hope he would. Trufant is a solid corner, a good scheme fit, has tested well in speed and positional drills, and has the family bloodlines to make a good transition from college to pro.

Unfortunately, none of the elite players in my eyes slipped to us that possibly could have (Floyd, Star, Jones). Many people are hoping for Tavon Austin, but I don't see it unless we can make a trade for Bess, which is also unlikely in my eyes. Also, with as much as we've invested in WR this offseason, I don't believe that should be a focus at #12.


13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Xavier Rhodes




Florida State

GM: pHiN_gAtOr

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished dead last in opponent passing yards per game last season. They averaged an astounding 297.4 yards a game. The Bucs are in dire need of a cornerback. The Bucs picked up safety Dashon Goldson from San Fran in Free Agency.

Rumor has it the New York Jets are shopping star cornerback Darrelle Revis. As of right now it looks as though the Bucs are the front runners to land the star corner. I have read the Bucs are willing to give the Jets their 2014 1st and 2nd round draft picks for Revis. If the Bucs land Revis in a trade, I still see them drafting Rhodes. Rhodes, Revis, Goldson, and Barron - the Bucs could very well have the best secondary in the NFL.

Xavier Rhodes is a very physical corner who can tackle, and play man coverage on the outside. The Bucs will also love the fact that Rhodes can press receivers. Rhodes could come in and make an immediate impact for the Bucs secondary. Something the Bucs really need in a pass happy division.


14. Carolina Panthers

Sheldon Richardson





GM: cubman987

Drafting Sheldon Richardson makes a lot of sense for the Panthers, who do not have a lot of depth at tackle. With Floyd and Lotulelei already off the board, Richardson is the best DT available with the 14th pick. Richardson is a very athletic player and plays the game very aggressively. He is consistently touted for his "non-stop motor" and often times makes plays downfield and down the line in pursuit of the ball carrier. Richardson has a naturally large frame suited for standing his ground in short yardage situations, he is quick off of the snap, and he has a great ability to place himself into position to make plays. There are some concerns since he only had one "stand out" season, and despite an ability to get behind the line of scrimmage, he only had 3 sacks in 2012. He also had shoulder surgery in 2011 which could also be a minor concern. Overall, however, Richardson should prove to be a very good player for the Panthers in a position they have a pretty strong need for.


15. New Orleans Saints

Ezekiel Ansah





GM: Phintastic

Having one of the worst defenses last year and no 2nd round pick this year, makes this pick even more important for this team. The Saints find themselves with one of the better offenses in the league, but you can't score 40 points every game. Luckily they find themselves with some quality players available at pick 15, Werner, Mingo, Vaccaro and Ansah are still available. Anyone of these players could be the answer for the holes the Saints have on defense. I feel Ziggy is the "ansah" to some of the Saints woes on defense. Even though he has only played football for a couple of years this guy has put up some decent numbers and has tremendous upside with some more playing time under his belt. Size, speed and power, what a combination. Put a 99 on his back and put him to work.


16. St. Louis Rams

Tavon Austin




West Virginia

Rumor has it that the Rams will immediately take Austin if he is still on the board at pick 16. Well, he's still on the board after 15 picks. He isn't on the board anymore.


Complete Draft:

Pick Team GM Player Position School
1 Kansas City Chiefs Cintronz Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Yakov2 Dion Jordan DE Oregon
3 Oakland Raiders Kevin Nogle Star Lotulelei DT Utah
4 Philadelphia Eagles AnishB15 Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
5 Detroit Lions Chris Early Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
6 Cleveland Browns Agent J 78 Geno Smith QB West Virginia
7 Arizona Cardinals the big brick Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
8 Buffalo Bills South Florida Fan Dee Milliner CB Alabama
9 New York Jets Laces out Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
10 Tennessee Titans dolphinfan4lyfe Chance Warmack G Alabama
11 San Diego Chargers crableg Jonathan Cooper G UNC
12 Miami Dolphins bacattack51 Desmond Trufant CB Washington
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers pHiN_gAtOr Xavier Rhodes CB FSU
14 Carolina Panthers cubman987 Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri
15 New Orleans Saints phintastic Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU
16 St. Louis Rams Kevin Nogle Tavon Austin WR West Virginia