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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Phinsider Community Picks 1-8

The Phinsider Community it under way, with picks being made by readers here on the site. As we continue to execute the draft, we will post eight picks at a time. With that, here are the first eight picks.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The first eight picks of the Phinsider Community 2013 NFL Mock draft are in. Here's a look at each player selected, as well as the justification for why that player was selected:







1. Kansas City Chiefs

Sharrif Floyd





GM: Contronz

The Kansas City Chiefs are not as bad as they seem. On paper they look like a good team, but they just can't put it together. Before the Alex Smith trade this pick had Geno Smith written all over it. Currently most of the "experts" have the Chiefs selecting Luke Joeckel. Even though Brandon Albert is being shopped it hasn't happened yet. Albert has played very well for the Chiefs, so why mess with something when it is working? Therefore why draft a top tier left tackle to play out of position? Top left tackles from last years class such as Riley Reiff and Jon Martin didn't play as well away from their natural positions.

In comes Sharrif Floyd. Tyson Jackson hasn't lived up to his first round selection and Mike Devito is good, but not great. Floyd could have a Muhammad Wilkerson effect for the Chiefs, and the Chiefs front seven is very good to begin with. Floyd is a very athletic and the best part about him is his motor. He is extremely versitile and has a nose for ther football. If offensive lineman are focused on Floyd making plays it will also free up Hali and Houston.


2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Dion Jordan





GM: Yakov2

This is a truly BPA move here. Jordan is extremely versatile and explosive. Wether we (the Jaguars) play him at OLB or DE or both he will end up being a difference maker either way. We not only love his chances of having an immediate impact, we also think he can develop into one of the best pass rushers in the game today. I considered taking Smith here, but I doubt he would be able to be an upgrade over Gabbert or Henne for a while.


3. Oakland Raiders

Star Lotulelei





The defensive line was horrible in Oakland. Adding a defensive tackle of Lotulelei's size and talent is the first step in fixing everything that is wrong with the Silver and Black's defense.


4. Philadelphia Eagles

Luke Joeckel




Texas A&M

GM: AnishB15

This was definitely a BPA pick. Joeckel is by far the best tackle in this year's draft. His scheme versatility and blocking ability make him a very safe, high-upside pick. The Eagles struggle to keep Michael Vick healthy, and LT Jason Peters has injury issues as well. This pick allows the eagles to trade peters or even keep him and have him compete with Joeckel for the LT spot, with the loser playing the RT spot. This pick helps the Eagles offense get on the right track.


5. Detroit Lions

Eric Fisher




Central Michigan

GM: Chris Early

The Detroit Lions made the playoffs in 2011, but regressed in 2012, finishing 4-12. They have plenty of needs, but finding a franchise LT is the highest among them. The Lions are losing starting LT Jeff Backus to retirement and starting RT Gosder Cherilus to free agency. They drafted Riley Reiff in 2012, but he is better fit at RT. The Lions can strike gold here with arguably the best prospect in this draft. Fisher is a top 3 prospect that can start at LT from day one and the lockdown the left side of the O-line. The Lions usually take the best player available, so they will definitely take Fisher here.


6. Cleveland Browns

Geno Smith




West Virginia

GM: Agent J 78

With what the Browns did in FA they basically can go BPA, that is while waiting for the Duke to make his selection I was ready with Dee Milliner or Ziggy Ansah. I then had an 11th hour change of mind (literally 11th hour). Regime changes more often than not mean new QB's and Michael Lombardi and Rob Chudzinski have no ties to Brandon Weeden (the new rookie wage scale allows this) or anyone on the roster prior to the start of free agency. Chudzinski just left Carolina where he had a QB with a similar skill set with Cam Newton. I also realize they signed Jason Campbell which would mean either McCoy or Weeden (or both) is the odd man out. Although the Browns have been screaming for a pass rusher for years and either Ansah has a skys-the-limit ceiling or Milliner who would be a perfect complement to Joe Haden, your team is going nowhere without a QB (as we all know way too well). Besides the two players mentioned above there isn't any other top graded players that make sense. The Browns already have the best LT (arguably) in the NFL and have solid young depth at OG. They certainly could use an explosive player like Tavon Austin but there is no way, as a Dolphins fan, that I could draft an undersized explosive punt returner in the top 10. Their best bet is to trade down, if possible, as they don't have a 2nd round pick, but since we don't do trades here I have surprised even myself with the selection of Geno Smith.


7. Arizona Cardinals

Lane Johnson





GM: the big brick

Offensive production was sparse last year for the Arizona Cardinals, with the culprit usually being described as poor QB play. This poor QB play often came as a result of the tremendously poor showing by the Cardinals' offensive line this year. This group of linemen gave up a League-high 58 sacks last year, while ranking dead last in Rushing Yards and 1st downs. Whether it be a washout backup or a surefire hall of famer, QBs will have a hard time making plays when they can barely keep upright.

In order to fix this, the Cardinals select Lane Johnson. By selecting the Oklahoma lineman, the Cards pick up an exceptionally athletic lineman with good technique and footwork. His size is a concern against bigger defensive linemen, but he manages to hold his own by playing with good balance and pad level. He has played at both right and left tackle, but has a lack of experience partly in fault to becoming an offensive lineman in his Junior year. It shouldn't be a concern once he sees NFL playing time, and with that the Cardinals make a solid choice in making sure their QB is protected come next season


8. Buffalo Bills

Dee Milliner





GM: South Florida Fan

With the recent signing of Kevin Kolb, I cannot foresee the Bills taking a QB at pick #8 which has obviously been the assumption until the signing of Kolb. The Bills have a lot of needs including some playmakers for the newly signed QB, so Cordarrelle Patterson will be a consideration to pair up with Stevie Johnson at pick 8, and maybe even Tavon Austin if his stock continues to rise. Cooper and Warmack will be looked at also but they will not be able to pass up the number one corner back in the draft if he falls to them at pick #8, which is a position of need, and should also be high on their draft board.