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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Phinsider Community Picks 33-40

The Phinsider Community Mock Draft continues this morning with the first picks of the second round, picks 33-40. Each of these picks is made by one of the readers here on the site, with their explanation of why they made that selection.

Mike Zarrilli

The Phinsider Community mock draft returns today with our fourth set of eight picks. Here are the readers' selections for picks 25-32, finishing off the first round:

Phinsider Community Mock Draft: Picks 1-8 Picks 9-16 Picks 17-24







33. Jacksonville Jagaurs

E.J. Manuel





GM: Yakov2

The Jaguars have one of the worst QB situation. With Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert at the helm, they can never be truly successful. Manual has upside to potentially be an explosive prospect. This may not be BPA but when we're talking about the QB position it bypasses BPA.


34. San Francisco 49ers
(From Kansas City Chiefs)

Zack Ertz





GM: finsfan7

The 49ers lost a quality TE backup in Delanie Walker, so they find his replacement here in Ertz, who provides great value early in the second round. Jim Harbaugh is reunited with his former Stanford player and has more flexibility with his offense with two quality, athletic TEs.


35. Philadelphia Eagles

Damontre Moore




Texas A&M

GM: AnishB15

The Eagles are lucky to see a pass rusher like moore available here. Moore was one of the top pass rushers in the country last year, and should translate his ability to the NFL well. Moore isnt, however, a perfect pass rushing prospect, as he had a very poor performance at the combine, but some time in the NFL strength program should help him get stronger. His performance on the field should also put to rest concerns caused by the combine. He has great technique and is a good fit for what Chip Kelly wants.


36. Detroit Lions

D.J. Hayden





GM: Chris Early

Hayden is one of the top CB prospects in this draft. His stock fell due to a horrific internal injury he suffered in practice his senior year. The good news is that he has full medical clearance to continue playing football. The Lions needed to upgrade the CB spot, but Eric Fisher was too good of a prospect to miss in the first round. Not to worry though as Hayden should be considered a frist round prospect and the drop-off in talent between the first round CB prospects is minimal.

Hayden has the skills to excel in both man and zone coverage. He has good speed and footwork to cover in man and has the ability to diagnose plays and quick reaction time for zone. Eric Fisher gives the Lions a franchise LT to keep their QB protected and thus enhancing their already talented offense. Hayden, paired with veteran Chris Houston, now gives the Lions secondary a huge boost to help in shutting down some of the high powered offenses in the NFC.


37. Cincinnati Bengals
(From Oakland Raiders)

Datone Jones





GM: ct1361

Cincinnati needs another pass rusher at the DE position, especially if DE Michael Johnson, the Bengals Franchise Tag Player for ‘13, is allowed to leave next year. Jones will provide quality pass rush in ‘13 while he is groomed as a possible replacement to Johnson for ‘14. Combine Johnson at one DE (11.5 Sacks in ‘12) with Geno Atkins at DT (12.5 Sacks in ‘12) and Jones on the other side, Cincinnati's pass rush could be awesome this year. Jones, as the 3rd rated DE on some sites, not only fills a need, he is could also be considered BPA at this point in the draft.


38. Arizona Cardinals

Tyler Wilson





GM: the big brick

Carson Palmer was good. Keyword "was". After being traded to the Raiders, Palmer hasn't been the same player he was in Cincinnati and his age only keeps climbing up. While the cards will give him the keys to the offense this year, I can safely say Palmer, or any QB currently on their roster, is the long term answer.

So with the 38th pick, the Cardinals select Tyler Wilson. Wilson is the type of QB you can base your offense around, with good Arm Strength, Accuracy,and velocity on his short and intermediate passes. Wilson is a more traditional pocket passer, built tough and able to take a hit, but he is still mobile and can sprint for a first down. There are many options available here at pick 38, including other QBs, but ultimately I think Wilson is the right choice here


39. New York Jets

Jamar Taylor




Boise State

GM: Laces out

I see the Revis trade getting done before the draft, so the Jets take the best CB on the board to fill that void.


40. Tennessee Titans

Robert Woods





GM: dolphinfan4lyfe

After going OL in the first round, the team adds a solid option at WR. They have talent, but could use more due to one recievers off the field habits. This is BPA, and even though Corner is another option, even greater value can be had in the third round.


Previous Picks:

Pick Team GM Player Position School
1 Kansas City Chiefs Cintronz Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Yakov2 Dion Jordan DE Oregon
3 Oakland Raiders Kevin Nogle Star Lotulelei DT Utah
4 Philadelphia Eagles AnishB15 Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
5 Detroit Lions Chris Early Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
6 Cleveland Browns Agent J 78 Geno Smith QB West Virginia
7 Arizona Cardinals the big brick Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
8 Buffalo Bills South Florida Fan Dee Milliner CB Alabama
9 New York Jets Laces out Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
10 Tennessee Titans dolphinfan4lyfe Chance Warmack G Alabama
11 San Diego Chargers crableg Jonathan Cooper G UNC
12 Miami Dolphins bacattack51 Desmond Trufant CB Washington
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers pHiN_gAtOr Xavier Rhodes CB FSU
14 Carolina Panthers cubman987 Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri
15 New Orleans Saints phintastic Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU
16 St. Louis Rams Kevin Nogle Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
17 Pittsburgh Steelers Orange_Cisco Barkevious Mingo DE LSU
18 Dallas Cowboys TheDiazFallacy Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
19 New York Giants Celticwar17 Bjoern Werner DE FSU
20 Chicago Bears Dolfankenny Alec Ogletree LB Georgia
21 Cincinnati Bengals ct1361 Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee
22 St. Louis Rams (from WAS) Kevin Nogle Eric Reid S LSU
23 Minnesota Vikings NetSwag12 Sylvester Williams DT UNC
24 Indianapolis Colts small balls Jamie Collins LB Southern Miss
25 Minnesota Vikings NetSwag12 DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson
26 Green Bay Packers hollywood_89 Matt Elam S Florida
27 Houston Texans Alex Parish Keenan Allen WR California
28 Denver Broncos soffici Jonathan Cyprien S Florida Int'l
29 New England Patriots Dominick.1384 Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
30 Atlanta Falcons NickCallaway Cornellius Carradine DE FSU
31 San Francisco 49ers finsfan7 Margus Hunt DE/DT SMU
32 Baltimore Ravens Nete88 Manti Te'o LB Notre Dame