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2013 NFL Mock Draft from Mocking the Draft Community

Last night, SB Nation's Mocking the Draft ran a live community mock draft. Here's a look at the results.


SB Nation's Mocking the Draft held a community mock draft last night, with readers serving as the general managers of all 32 NFL teams. Each "GM" was given five minutes to make their pick, or the host, Dan Kadar, would make the pick and they would move on to the next pick.

For the Dolphins, bacattack51 had the lead (and, coincidentally, he also has the Dolphins in our community mock draft that we are currently holding, with the results starting later this week). AnishB15 and PhinPhan910 backed him up.

Reviewing the picks for the Dolphins, the first round went a little differently than most of us would expect, leading to a best player available selection of Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd with the twelfth overall pick. While defensive tackle may not be a position anyone would look for the Dolphins in the first round, simply realizing a talent was falling down the board, bacattack51 had to make the move, and it was probably the right one.

Now the Dolphins have incredible depth in the middle of the defensive line, and have someone to develop this year before both Paul Soliai and Randy Starks become free agents next year.

With the first of their two picks in the second round, the Dolphins selected Arkansas Pine-Bluff offensive tackle Terron Armstead with the 42nd pick, then turned around and doubled up on the offensive linemen with the 54th pick by selecting guard Kyle Long from Oregon.

Bacattack51 came back in the third roundand grabbed his highest rated cornerback at 54, adding Mississippi State's Darius Slay with the 77th overall pick. He then addressed, with the 82nd pick, the tight end position with a selection of Cincinnati's Travis Kelce, describing him as his "favorite all around TE in the draft," and someone who can "block, catch, and stretch the seam."

Recapping the three rounds of the draft for the Dolphins:

Pick Player Position School
12 Sharrif Floyd DT Florida
42 Terron Armstead T Arkansas Pine-Bluff
54 Kyle Long G Oregon
77 Darius Slay CB Mississippi State
82 Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati

What do you think of how the draft went down? Let us know in the comments below.