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2013 NFL Draft Prospect: Insider Look at DeAndre Hopkins

This morning, we continue our look at potential Miami Dolphins draft targets with a look at Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Our insider look at Hopkins comes from Dr. B over at Shakin the Southland.

Rob Carr

Our insider scouting report series continues this morning as the 2013 NFL Draft continues to drift closer. To get a better look at some of the potential targets for the Miami Dolphins next week, we have been turning to the managers of SB Nation's college blogs, going to the source for the best information on each prospect.

Our third straight wide receiver prospect report comes out today, with a look at Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins. Our insider report on Hopkins comes via Dr. B from Shakin the Southland, SB Nation's Clemson blog.

[Hopkins'] hands have always been excellent, I could probably count on two hands the number of dropped catchable balls over the last 3 years. -Dr. B

Well Nuk Hopkins doesn't have many weaknesses, he's probably one of the more polished WRs in the draft even from a technique standpoint.

When he stepped on the field as a true freshman, I knew we had a football player, not just a track/fast guy who likes to play football. He played DB and WR in HS, and played football here, from the very start, with a defensive mentality. He's not afraid of contact at all, fights off DBs, and actually attempts a real block when he's asked to do so.

As a freshman he wasn't a great player when the ball went away from him. He'd look a little lazy in his routes or blocking assignments when the ball went to the Field side (he's played Boundary side mostly), but over the last 2 years theres been substantial improvement there. Now I'd call him a good blocker, and I think he could be a great blocker eventually.

Nuk played basketball for his first season at Clemson, along with his football duties, so he didn't spend the whole offseason lifting and eating properly as he should've. This stunted his growth a little for the sophomore season, but after that time he's been all-football and put on 10-15 lbs with that offseason going into his junior campaign. Now he's gone, with only one real offseason of fulltime football prep. In an NFL strength training program, this guy could put on another 10-15 lbs easily and become a real force on the boundary.

If he has one weakness I'd say its outright speed. He's football fast, not track fast. He won't run off and leave many guys, but he's quick and gets himself open.

His hands have always been excellent, I could probably count on two hands the number of dropped catchable balls over the last 3 years.

I am not aware of a single off the field issue with Hopkins. He's always been a quiet worker who kept his nose clean.

A big thank you to Dr. B.. For more on Hopkins, as well as all things Clemson, check out Shakin the Southland.

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