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Phinsider 2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Magazine: Dolphins Fantasy Preview

The Phinsider 2013 Miami Dolphins Preview Magazine will feature 24 posts over 24 hours. Join us as we get ready for the Dolphins' 2013 season with a look at the team's fantasy implication this year.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have revamped their roster this offseason, looking to reinvigorate the offense and defense. But, how do those changes impact the Dolphins' fantasy football options? Let's take a look:

Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 117.7
Yahoo Average Round: 13.1
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 6%

Tannehill is going to be an interesting player to consider this year. If he is someone you can stash on your bench, you might want to take a flyer on him. I'm surprised his draft percentage is only 6% at this point, with all of the hype around the Dolphins' wide receiver additions, but that could mean you can get him cheap, spot starting him when you need a bye week player or if he gets hot during the year.

Mike Wallace, Wide Receiver
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 53.7
Yahoo Average Round: 6.3
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 100%

Tannehill only being drafted in 6% of the leagues is even a little more confusing given 100% of leagues are drafting Wallace. If Wallace is getting you fantasy points, someone is getting him the ball. Anyway, Wallace is probably the top draft target you should have for the Dolphins, with maybe the defense being the only one to challenge him.

Brian Hartline, Wide Receiver
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 132.9
Yahoo Average Round: 14.8
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 36%

Hartline is being drafted at a higher rate than I would have expected. He's the Dolphins number two wide receiver, but is coming off a 1,000 yards season, and could see more targets this year as teams move the double team from him to Wallace. I would not draft him until you have the majority of your lineup complete, and then, only as a bench depth player, but I would sure keep an eye on him if he hits the waiver wire. Hartline has a chance to put up better numbers than 2012 with all of the other weapons in Miami's offense this year. It's going to be all about how well the Dolphins can get the ball into the endzone this year.

Lamar Miller, Running Back
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 55.7
Yahoo Average Round: 6.5
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 100%

Where I was surprised by the low draft percentage for Tannehill, I am a little surprised that Miller is up to 100% drafted. He's been the guy getting a lot of hype lately, and I think he will absolutely be worth the draft pick as an RB2, but I did not think the excitement for him outside of Miami would have Miller being the 17th running back picked.

Dustin Keller, Tight End
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 124.9
Yahoo Average Round: 13.2
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 5%

Keller is probably going to be a huge part of the Dolphins' offense this year, but he is not seeing the love in fantasy drafts. I would not say take him as a primary tight end option, but if you can get him as your bye week TE, or someone you can afford to leave on the bench and wait to see exactly how he is used, he is worth that. He will likely be on the waiver wire once the season starts, so you could target him that way as well.

Miami, Defense
Yahoo Average Draft Position: 125.4
Yahoo Average Round: 13.4
Yahoo Percent Drafted: 6%

The Miami defense is getting absolutely no credit in fantasy drafting this year. To put it in context, the New York Jets' defense, without Darrelle Revis, is being selected on average with the 123.9 pick (although, they are only going in 2% of the drafts). Miami will have a scary defense this year, and they are working hard to get turnovers this year. This is a defense that may not be drafted in 94% of the leagues, but will probably be a waiver pick up before the end of the year in most of those leagues.

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