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2013 Fantasy Football Team Names: Miami Dolphins edition

Earlier this week, we took a look at some of the top fantasy football team names this year. Now, we take a look at some potential Miami Dolphins specific names.


After taking a look at some of the top team names around the fantasy football world in 2013.  We asked for some examples of great team names you have seen, as well as Miami Dolphins specific names.  Looking back through that post, we did get some good Dolphins related suggestions:

From PhrozenPhish:

  • The Art of Warfield
  • Going Incognitos
  • Bumphis and Grimes
  • Rubber Soliai
  • Shaken Not Sturgis
  • Pouncey Castles
  • My Samuda
  • Shelby's Cobras
  • Best of Tyms (Worst of Tyms)
  • Starks Naked
  • Feet of Clay

From Luncsub4:

  • The Tannehills Have Eyes
  • Your QB needs a Wake
  • Hartline and Sinker
  • Bust a McNutt
  • Dustin Helen Keller

From kdub74:

  • Philbin Up the Win Column

Lat night, when we weren't doing the podcast, Duke and I were trading some Dolphins related team names as well:

From Duke:

  • What's Samuda With You
  • Devlin Went Down to Georgia
  • Grimes and Punishment
  • Cam Wake and Bake
  • Strike a Julian Posey
  • Odricks and Ends
  • Sturgis Bike Week
  • Brandon Fields of Gold
  • Bumphis and Run
  • Know What I Mean Vernon?
  • Ready to Pouncey
  • Show Me the Kovacs
  • Truth Shall Set you Freeny

And, finally, from me:

  • 21 Grimes Street
  • EarthWake Island
  • Shot through the Hartline
  • The King and Soliai
  • Fields of Dreams
  • Take your mark, Set, Okpalaugo
  • Let it Ellerbe
  • Let Misi Your.....
  • Franks and Binns

What else?

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