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Fantasy football 2013 team names: What’s your best name?

We’ve reached that time of year when fantasy football is in full swing. Teams are being established and leagues are starting to draft. What are you naming your team this year? Give us your best examples, Miami Dolphins related or not, of team names in 2013.

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The NFL season is just a week away, which means the fantasy football season is just starting. Teams are being created and leagues are starting to draft. If you are looking for a team, make sure to check out this post for open leagues. And, if you would like to start your own league, you can begin at Yahoo! Fantasy Football here.

But, as much as winning a fantasy football championship feels great, the start of the season can be just as important in terms of making or breaking your team. I don't mean the draft. I mean, your team's name.

Already this year, if you have joined a league, you've seen some good ones. My top 10 thus far are:

10. What would Jones-Drew?

9. Show me your TDs

8. The Real Chip Shady

7. I Pitta the Fool

6. Gronkdonkadonks

5. Clear Bag and Present Danger

4. Boston Tebow Party

3. Weeden Start the Fire

2. RG3PO

1. The Butt Fumblers

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Currently, I have four teams, but two of those are keeper leagues from a while back, which I have not updated the team names. One of them is pre-draft (the Phinsider Official league), so I have not named it yet. And, my fourth is named Natural Born Spillers.

I do have a rule that if I am going to use a player's name in my team name, I better have that player on my roster. (Except maybe Tebow, just because that's fun.)

There are several Hernandez related puns that are making their way around as well, some of which are pretty funny if you forget the fact that it's based on a murder charge.

What's your best team name this year? What name does someone have that you wish you had snagged?

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