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Phinsider Yahoo! Fantasy Football League Members and open leagues

The Phinsider Yahoo! Fantasy Football League is a collection of random members of the Phinsider community. Today, we announce the members in the top league, as well as set up other leagues as well.

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The Phinsider Yahoo! Fantasy Football League is ready to kick off. Over the past two weeks, members of the Phinsider community signed up for their chance to join the main Phinsider league. Over the weekend, I then took all 84 people who signed up and randomly selected nine members to join the league.

The 12 team league will then be filled out with myself, jamesradio1979, and the champion from last year. Unfortunately, our champion, insainsiren, does not appear to be around any longer, so I am going to invite last year's runner up, PhinDiesel, to take the slot.

Now, on to our nine selected members. Congratulations to:

  1. Soffici
  2. Phinaholic
  3. Delusioned
  4. DolphinNation
  6. JohnnyKing123
  7. Schwanson
  8. Maguss
  9. MHTD

Unfortunately, that's all the slots for the official league. However, that does not mean that's your only chance to play with Phinsider members. We will once again have open leagues. And, these leagues are free for you to start and act as the commissioner.

All I ask is you use this link to set up the league, so the Phinsider gets credit for starting the league, and that you name your league something involving "Phinsider."

You can advertise the league in the comments below, and people are free to join up. I will probably start a few myself, so watch for those as well.

Finally, if you are one of the people selected for the official league, please email me so I have your correct email address, and I will send you an invite to the league tonight.

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