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NFL Fantasy Football 2013: Dolphins fantasy perview

The 2013 NFL regular season is less than two weeks away. That puts us smack in the middle of Fantasy Football draft season. Today, we take a look at a Miami Dolphins player you should draft, one you should avoid, and a sleeper you can get late in the draft.

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Welcome to draft season. Not NFL draft season, of course, but fantasy football draft season. This is the time of year when all of us get to act like general managers and get our teams built for the season. Of course, this is also the time of year to sign up for your chance to join the Phinsider's official league.

Today, we get you ready for your fantasy draft with a look at a Miami Dolphins player you should draft, a player to avoid, and a sleeper to grab late in the draft.

Dolphins player you must draft:

A couple of weeks ago, I would have said you need to have Dustin Keller on your roster. Of course, a devastating knee injury later, and you may want to avoid Keller now. With him out of the possible choices, I will go with Lamar Miller.

Miller is still a borderline sleeper candidate, but that really depends on your league. He is moving up in Yahoo!'s average draft position, inside the top 50 players right now. He's going as early as the third round, but I landed him in the 8th round, 76th overall pick, last night. Really, where Miller is drafted comes down to how much the people in your league pay attention to the Dolphins.

Miller could be the breakout player of the year, at least in the fantasy world. He has the potential to tear apart a defense, and he could have a great year. Don't make Miller your first running back, but as an RB2 or a bench player, he needs to be on your roster.

Dolphins player to avoid:

Do not get drawn into the favorite draft strategy of some people. Don't see an injury and draft the second string player, thinking you will get someone for cheap who will have similar production. In other words, don't draft Charles Clay because you think the Keller injury will increase Clay's value.

The injury to Keller will likely give Clay more snaps. However, more snaps does not equal more fantasy points. Clay will probably grab a few extra passes, but he is not going to have the season that Keller was likely to have had. Miami will need a tight end to step up this year, relieving some stress from the receivers and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but don't draft Clay. There's way too much turmoil among them right now.

Dolphins sleeper:

I will look at a deep sleeper and give you the handcuff to Miller, Daniel Thomas. If Thomas continues to play like he has thus far through the preseason, he is going to steal carries from Miller, especially near the goal line. Thomas is not someone you want to be a primary running back on your team, but if you have an empty roster spot late in the draft, you could grab Thomas and he may pay you back for it.

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