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Fantasy Football 2013: Phinsider Yahoo! League reminder

The Phinsider Official Fantasy Football League is still in signup mode. Here's your chance to try to join our annual official league.

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Scott Halleran

Last week, we announced the return of the Phinsider Official Yahoo! Fantasy Football League. We started taking names of people interested in joining, however, we aren't doing taking signups yet. If you are interested in joining the league, all you have to do is leave a comment below, letting me know you would like to play.

We do have a change from last week's announcement, however. We are going to expand the league from 10 to 12 teams. One of the extra spots will go to James Ferreira, one of our news desk writers, who will also be serving as our fantasy guru this year. The other extra spot will go to into the pool, giving you one more chance to make the cut.

That means, once Ferreira, insainsiren (last year's champion), and I are in the league, there are still nine spots left. Do you want one of them? Then make sure you leave a comment below.

Also, insainsiren, please email me so I can make sure I send your invite to the correct email address.

The deadline for you to sign up is Saturday. I will then take everyone from both threads who are interested, and randomly select the nine members who get to join the league.

So, go ahead and start leaving comments below if you are interested in joining the main league. And, hopefully, we will be able to have another great year of Fantasy Football.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and fantasy league families everywhere. In addition to the great drafting, trading, scoring and research that makes it the #1 free fantasy football game, this season also features a mobile app and Pro Leagues, where you can compete for cash! Get ready for kickoff by signing up now!

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