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Miami Dolphins 10, Houston Texans 30, - Immediate Reactions

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Well, the season is underway and it is easy to feel a bit disappointed with a Dolphins loss. Miami hang tough with Houston, leading 3-0 with 6 minutes left in the first half, before they end up giving 21 unanswered points.

It pretty much all went downhill from there.

Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill went against a tough Texans D and did not step up when needed. His stat line was brutal 20/36, 219 yards, 0 TD's & 3 INT's. It was safe to say that all the INT's were NOT his fault but he learned a valuable lesson about stepping up and not locking onto one receiver. The Texans deflected ball after ball, killing drives and causing turnovers.

Speaking of turnovers, if I told you that the Dolphins would turn the ball over 4 times, do you think a 30-10 score would be that surprising? With this offense, anytime we lose the turnover ratio THAT bad, we will probably lose.

Zero offensive TD's. Thanks goes out to Marcus Thigpen who returned a kick to the house for Miami's only score. Atleast we may have found our kick returner.

Koa Misi played very well in the defense. Our corners got abused for the most part, Wake was doubled and a ghost for most the game, and Dansby needs to be more of a captain.

Reggie Bush looked good. He made a few great plays running inside and is still lightning quick. He may finish with double the total yards than anyone else on the team.

Besides Bess and a great catch by Hartline, this game told us what we already knew. Our receivers need ALOT of work.

Well, the game is over and we are 0-1. We were heavy underdogs, and had to start somewhere. We need to take the positives (the little that there are) and take it to the Raiders at OUR house next week.

I am not happy with the performance but try to keep it as civil as possible. None of us are happy, so let's not take out our frustrations on each other. Express your concerns, but don't go overboard.