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NFL Week 1 Late Games Live Thread

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The NFL's opening weekend continues with a slate of three late games. These games this afternoon will feature one of the most anticipated games of the weekend, the San Francisco 49ers at the Green Bay Packers.

The other two games on the late slate are:

Going back to, most of the country will see the 49ers and Packers contest. The New Orleans, Birmingham, Alabama, Fort Myers, Florida, and from Jacksonville north through most of North Carolina will get the Panthers at Buccaneers contest (Tampa is blacked out of this game).

Most of Arizona, a small portion of California, and all of Washington, extending into Idaho, Montana, and Oregon will get the Seahawks and Cardinals game.

As usual, don't post any pictures in this thread - they only slow it down. And do not request or post links to illegal internet streams of the game (instant temporary ban if you do).

Use this thread to discuss these three games, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.