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The Phinsider Rules Of The Road

With all the new traffic and the influx of new members it’s once time again to go over the site rules so that we are all on the same page, which in turn makes for happy blogging for everyone or something like that. I used some of the previous posts (cddophin, LittleNicky21, Kevin, ect..) on this subject and then added to it a bit. If you can think of anything that I need to add please drop me an email. My email address, like every site authors (with the exception of Lefty-whats up with that Lefty?) can be found at the bottom of the page.

These rules are in place for the obvious reason of keeping things running smoothly and of course keeping things civil amongst our many members. If you are new to the site this is a great reference and for the rest of us it might not hurt to brush up on the site rules from time to time.

As always, anytime you see a violation of the site rules or something that you find offensive please flag these items. Under each comment is a highlighted area that says actions. If you click that you can choose to "rec" the comment, aka recommend the comment to others or "flag" the comment. If you select flag it will then give you a pop up box where you can explain why this comment was flagged. Only Kevin and I can see these flags but they are a great help in picking up things that violate the rules given all the posts and comments that we must try and cover in a day.

Flags do not always result in a warning or having the comment removed but they are still greatly appreciated and an enormous help in keeping the site civil and an enjoyable place for everyone to visit.

The Rules

1. Treat everyone on the site with respect. This includes visiting bloggers from other sites. Do not assume that just because someone is a fan of another team that they are here to troll. Remember everyone has a right to their own opinion. Likewise please do not go to other sites to merely troll. Kevin receives a report on every warning or ban that any of our site members receive. It does not look good on any of us when someone is slapped on the hand that has a Dolphins related screen name or avatar.

2. If you disagree with a point of view please address the point made and not the person. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated! Also questioning a fans fandom of the team will be seen as a personal attack. Likewise making a comment in a post to tell them how "it sucks" or other insult will be seen as a personal attack on the author. Remember that not every post is going to be for everyone. If you don't dig whats being written about move on as there is always plenty of content on the site and something for everyone.

3. Please keep the threads on topic. The obvious exclusion are the open live threads and or CKC’s (cool kid’s club-see below).

4. Please keep the swearing to a minimum. The occasional word here and there is one thing but please do not go from comment to comment dropping one word after the other.

5. Please do not post picture after picture. Keep picture posting to a minimum as we are a very large community and too many pictures do not only distract from the issues we are discussing but will slow down the load times for those on slower connections.

6. When posting picture’s please use common sense. Nudity, body paint, see through clothing, racist, hateful, sexist, or anything else with an offensive slant is strictly prohibited from being posted on the site. A good rule of thumb is if you would not show the picture to your grandmother then it probably does not belong here either. Always add a symbol or some sort of title in the title box of the photo posted so that it may be closed by others that may not want to look at what you posted.

7. NO discussions of politics or religion on the site. These discussions in general do more harm then good.

8. Make all members welcome! It does not matter if you have been here for four years or just joined this morning. No one’s opinion is more valid then the next person’s.

9. There are a lot of jokes that go one between members here on the site. If you feel like you are being targeted or hassled too much let us know and it will stop. If someone tells you to get off their back or to back off then respect that request.

10. No posting of any links to illegal ways of watching NFL games! Also, no requesting of any links or hinting at the offer or request of such links. Automatic 2 week ban for those who don't follow this policy. The NFL is very strict on this stuff and we don't feel like having the blog shut down because others are posting illegal info. The NFL's legal department is very tough - trust me. This is a Zero tolerance rule. If you break this, you are done. It will happen at some point this season. Don't let it be you.

11. Racist, sexist, homophobic or any other comment’s that would be considered hate speech or otherwise offensive are strictly prohibited. These kind of comments will most often result in a banning and at the very least will be followed by a warning.

12. Please remember that while this is a site primarily made up of men we do have some female Dolfans (and of course 808) on the site. This is a sports blog and while many of us have become friends via this site this is NOT a dating site. Please show these women the respect they are due.

13. Threats of any kind are prohibited and are grounds for an automatic ban.

14. Please keep typing in all caps to a minimum. To make the occasional statement is understandable but comment after comment after comment (or large comments) posted in all caps is not only annoying to other posters but all caps is looked at the same way as yelling and thus is considered rude behavior on the internet. Please also apply this rule to posting in all bold letters.

15. Spamming of any site on SBN is strictly prohibited. Spamming is the repeated posting of anything on a site from post to post. This most often takes the form of a link to another site but can be in the form of anything posted repeatedly. Not only will spamming of any type result in a ban but this is more often than not followed by a banning from any and all other SBN sites that you may be a member of whether or not you have spammed their site.

CKC aka Cool Kids Club-A late night open thread that is posted after 10PM EST and then taken down early the next morning by the site mods. These posts tend to be a little more loose then a regular thread and any subject within reason is open for discussion. As always please use common sense when posting, CKC or not.