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SB Nation Pick 6 Released, Improved, and Ready to Go Tonight

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SB Nation released their new Fantasy Football Pick 6 game yesterday. In response to some concerns, the crew worked last night to go ahead and improve the game already. It's up and live right now, ready for you to join.

SB Nation Pick 6 Football (click that link to play!) is a fantasy game that allows you to play the matchups and compete against a large group of people across your real life, The Phinsider and the SB Nation network. When you sign up for your team, you will be given the opportunity to select The Phinsider as your home blog, competing against all of us from the site.

There is no draft - instead, you are given a salary cap of $120 and have to fill out a lineup of six players each week: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, and a Wild Card slot that is comprised of all positions other than QB.

It's a simple, fun game that you only need to play once a week. You will compete on a blog leaderboard against fellow fans! There are awesome badges to win for various accomplishments in the game, and connecting Pick 6 to Facebook will make it easy to showcase your lineup and awards to your friends.

Check it out now at Pick 6 Football, follow us on Twitter, and give us a Like on Facebook.

Oh, and because SB Nation sent out the stats, the Chiefs blog, Arrowhead Pride is currently in first place with 335 people listed under their blog. We are currently 13th with 46. FORTY-SIX!! Come on guys. Sign up. It's simple, takes 5 minutes a week, and has no draft, so it's not even like you are competing for players with other members. Check it out! And, we should at least be able to beat out Buffalo Rumblings (293) and Gang Green Nation (62).