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Hard Knocks Finale: Immediate Reactions

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The future begins now!
The future begins now!

Hard Knocks wrapped up this insider view of the Miami Dolphins with several final storylines. Here are some key points from tonight's episode.

- Fallout from the Vontae Davis trade

- Jake Long's knee injury (trainer Said he'd be surprised if he missed the first game0

- Focusing on bubble players Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore, Isaako Aaitui, and Jarrell Root. (Aaitui tries to teach Root how to play guitar, then breaks into "My Girl" while Root sings)

- Obligatory Lauren Tannehill segment, showing Ryan and Lauren trying to put together an end table and not quite getting it right (let's just say we REALLY hope RT17 is a better QB than he is a carpenter)

- How Jorvorskie Lane became a Miami Dolphin (Philbin nicknamed him 'Butterball')

- Excerpts from the Dallas-Miami preseason game

- Pat Devlin becoming the 'teacher's pet'

- Plane Incident

- Chad Johnson training segment

- Cut down day, focusing on some of the bubble players (interesting segment with Josh Samuda meeting Philbin to thank him for making the team)

The show ended with Philbin saying he hopes the Dolphins are a different team in December than September. Then HBO shows players getting official pictures taken, mixed with someone sewing names and numbers on jerseys, all while hearing a rousing speech from Philbin. The final jersey was that of Ryan Tannehill. It cuts to a scene of David Garrard hanging clothes up at his locker with a sidebar that mentions him getting cut today.

As the credits roll, they show different outtakes of the team, with many players getting scolded about their cussing from various people like moms and wifes and what not. The final scene is of the QBs in the meeting room talking about a colonoscopy and the final words heard on Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins Training Camp... "Makes your bowels swell." Go figure.