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Sunday Morning Miami Dolphins/Phinsider Poll:Direction Of The Franchise Edition

What do you think of the direction that the Miami Dolphins, as a franchise are headed?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last week was our first game of the season against the team that has for many, many fans and I believe even most of the player's involved on both sides our biggest rival in the league. Of course games like last Sunday's only serve to deepen this dislike, hate, whatever you would call what us fans have toward the New York Jets. With that in mind, without even knowing the heart break of a game we were about to witness, I asked the question, "Who is the NFL team that you as a Miami Dolphins fan love to hate?". Of course the outcome of that poll was somewhat predictable.

The New York Jets of course led the way with a very dominant 72% (107 votes) of the votes. Also not surprising was the fact that the New England Patriots came in second with 20% (30 votes) of the votes. What was surprising was the one team in our division that received no votes was the Buffalo Bills. I would have thought that some still had some not so great memories of the years in which the Bills dominated. Has it really been that long folks? I guess maybe!?!

The other teams gaining votes were the Dallas Cowboys with 3 votes (everyone loves to hate the Cowboys), Houston Texans with 2 votes (no doubt this stems from their dominance over the Dolphins though the years) and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants each receiving one vote. As always we also had one vote for the troll selection who I assume would have selected the Dolphins had it been a choice.

This weeks question is "What are your thoughts on the direction the Miami Dolphins are headed as a franchise?" Of course as always feel free to elaborate on your selection in the comments section below.