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What superstitions do you have that helps the Miami Dolphins win?

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I have a little bit of a backstory about how I got the idea for this article. I have a Miami Dolphins bowling ball that I like to bowl with. I bowled a good game this afternoon and told the wife that the Dolphins bowling ball helped influence the score because the regular season, and being that I bowled a good game, Miami will have a good season. Of course, I got of a bit of an eye roll because the wife didn't believe, though I can't blame her because I don't exactly believe it myself either. The thing is though, there are thousands of superstitious people when it comes to sports. While many think of the players that don't shave during the postseason or the baseball players that avoid stepping on the foul line between innings, most of the superstitious people are the fans themselves.

As I child, I used to think that somehow the position I was in on the couch would somehow influence the football game. If the Dolphins were doing well, I didn't want to move because I didn't want to jinx the success the Dolphins were having. If the Dolphins were struggling, I would change positions. I am thankful this superstition passed before 2007, as I would not have ever found myself in a comfortable position during Miami's 1-15 season.

So I ask you this simple question as Miami enters their first regular season. If you are superstitious, what will you be doing to influence the outcome of Sunday's game? Will you be sitting in a certain position, as I did when I was a child, or will you be wearing lucky Dolphins gear or cooking a good luck meal? Whatever your preference, be prepared to sit in a good luck position, in your good luck Dolphins outfit, enjoying some good luck meals as we all hope for a Miami Dolphins victory in Joe Philbin's first meaningful game as Head Coach!