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Phinsider Pictures Request

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hey all. One of the new capabilities we have on the site is an ability to post photo galleries. Basically, it's like a slide show of pictures. While I can use some of the US Presswire pictures we get access to for the site, there are also copyright restrictions with those. What I would like to see is if we can get some of your pictures.

If you would be willing to share your pictures with the site, and/or our Facebook and Twitter pages, please let me know. You can either send them to me in an email, or post them on the wall of our Facebook page. I will make an Album on Facebook and collect them there, putting your name in the Caption so people know who sent me the photos.

You also have the rights to tell me how I can use the pictures. If you don't want them sent out via our Twitter account, or not on Facebook, but don't mind them here on the site, just let me know that in an email.

We are looking for pictures from your game day experience. Obviously, pictures from the game are our top goal, but if you are having a party at your house or something, and you send me a picture from that, we can and will use those too.