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Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals: What to Watch For

The Miami Dolphins take on the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. Here are some of the things that we think you should watch. But, of course, we also want to hear, what are you watching for?

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I, like many others, thought the Miami Dolphins would win last weekend against the New York Jets. However, that wasn't the case. We ended up losing in overtime.

I'm not confident in the Dolphins this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are a more superior team with Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson. Which is why we got to game plan against those two. I have Fitzgerald in fantasy so I need him to have a big game, which I think he will.

Here's some things you should be watching for during the game.


Every week I look at the rookies. So you guys should be used to this by now. I skipped some in this category because they'll be in later categories.

Ryan Tannehill- if it makes you happy, I'm done calling Tannehill "The Tannchise". You guys hated it, and now I am sad.

Tannehill still impresses me even when he has a bad game. My only complaint is he has to stop staring down his receivers. I don't know who he was staring down, by Laron Landry read Tannehill's eyes and made an easy pick six.

The more playing time Tannehill gets the more comfortable he'll get with the game. I don't see him playing a huge factor in this game. Arizona has a tough defense and I expect us to run the ball down their throat.

Olivier Vernon- still playing in a situational role, Olivier Vernon is showing some potential. As I've stated in earlier post, I only get to listen to the games, so I can't get too in depth with some players.

OV had split a sack with Jared Odrick and like Tannehill, he'll only get better with playing time.

Michael Egnew- has been inactive every game, that trend will continue this weekend.

Kheeston Randall- filling in well when Paul Soliai or Randy Starks need a breather. Another great late round pick by Ireland.

Rishard Matthews- we all know our receivers are the worst in the league. Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are doing all the work. Anthony Armstrong is dropping too many passes. Legedu Naanee has been a no factor as has Marlon Moore.

If you don't know by now, I have a huge mancrush on Matthews. The guy made plays in the preseason and earned his roster spot. Get this guy some playing time. Let him develop some chemistry with Tannehill. See what happens.


I expect Reggie Bush to play on Sunday, which is a plus. He was going to run for another 100 yards against the Jets if he didn't get hurt. I think he'll see significant snaps but the coaching staff shouldn't overwork him with that knee. There's not much I can say about Bush, he's playing great and we all know it.

The guys behind Reggie aren't doing bad either. The rookie, Lamar Miller, has a great teacher to learn from. Miller and Bush are the same. Speedy and explosive. Miller may see alot of playing time on Sunday if the coaching staff doesn't give Bush significant playing time.

Daniel Thomas is a great runner, but hold onto the ball! You can't play running back in this league if you can't hold onto the ball. Thomas is our big, goal line, short yardage back. He's showed some tough running and showed some progress since last year. He has two fumbles already. If he can't hold onto the ball give it to the next guy.

Jorvorskie Lane.

What a surprise this guy has been. Another feel good story. Lane has been great in the run game, whether blocking or running, and showed he could go out for some passes in the preseason. If Thomas keeps fumbling, expect Lane to get called in on short yardage plays.


Richard Marshall may not be playing. With a thin secondary already, this injury hurts. Which is why the Cardinals are going to be passing alot. If Marshall plays, I'd still expect double coverage of Fitz.

Sean Smith needs to start making some plays. This defensive secondary needs someone to step up. I see Smith and one of the safeties in double coverage against Fitz.

Nolan Carroll would start if Marshall cannot play. He'll need help covering Fitz if he's ever against him.

The safeties will be crucial in stopping the passing game. Chris Clemons showed good awareness on his redzone interception against Mark Sanchez. Reshad Jones, to me, is playing solid. These two will help cover Fitz along with one of the cornerbacks.


As I stated above, I expect us to run the ball and keep the clock rolling. Our secondary is thin and keeping the Cardinals offense off the field will help. Which is why the line is going to have to get good blocks and make some holes for the backs.

Jake Long seems to be getting healthier and should return to elite status. When we run to the outside it should be behind the left side with Long leading the way.

Long's partner in crime, Richie Incognito, has been playing great also. As I stated last week, I wish he was more athletic to pull.

In the center of the line, Mike Pouncey is already a pro bowl canidate. The guy has been playing phenominal football according to the coaching staff and people around the league. He's athletic enough to get out in front of the backs and make a block downfield.

John Jerry was in the doghouse in preseason. Now he's starting and playing great football. He still needs to lose some weight, but if he keeps playing good, I'm not complaining.

Jonathan Martin seems to be getting the hang of things. He's smart and athletic. If Long would ever get hurt, I'd see Martin moving over to the left side. With more game experience, Martin should develop into an elite tackle.