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Phinsider NFL Week 4 Picks

The fourth week of the NFL season is preparing to start. Here are our weekly picks.

Tasos Katopodis - Getty Images

It's Thursday night, meaning the NFL Week 4 kickoff is coming up with the Cleveland Browns taking on the Baltimore Ravens. With that game just a few hours away, it's time for us to put up the Phinsider picks for this week.

Week 3 was a miserable week for all of our picks. Texascowpunk won the week two games below .500, with a 7&9 record. SB Nation and I came in second at 6&10, while Kdog92 and BSerion72 both were 5&11.

SB Nation currently leads the overall with a 24&24 record. One game back is Texascowpunk.

On to this week's picks:

SB Nation's Joel Thorman's picks are below, but you can also read why he made those picks by heading over to his article.

SB Nation Kevin Texascowpunk Kdog92 BSerious72

Last Week 6&10 6&10 7&9 5&11 5&11
Overall 24&24 21&27 23&25 22&26 21&27
Browns at Ravens Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium Bal_logo_medium
Patriots at Bills Ne_logo_away_2_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium
Ne_logo_away_2_medium Ne_logo_away_2_medium
49ers at Jets Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium Sf_logo_medium
Seahawks at Rams Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium
Stl_logo_away_medium Sea_logo_away_medium
Panthers at Falcons Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium Atl_logo_away_medium
Vikings at Lions Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Det_logo_away_medium Min_logo_away_medium
Chargers at Chiefs Kc_logo_medium Kc_logo_medium
Sd_logo_away_medium Sd_logo_away_medium Kc_logo_medium
Titans at Texans Hou_logo_away_medium
Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium Hou_logo_away_medium
Bengals at Jaguars Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium Cin_logo_medium
Raiders at Broncos Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium Den_logo_away_medium
Dolphins at Cardinals Ari_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Mia_logo_away_medium Ari_logo_away_medium
Redskins at Buccaneers Tb_logo_away_medium Tb_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium Was_logo_away_medium Tb_logo_away_medium
Saints at Packers Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium Gb_logo_medium
Giants at Eagles Nyg_logo_medium Phi_logo_away_medium
Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium Nyg_logo_medium
Bears at Cowboys Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium Chi_logo_medium

Bye Week: Colts, Steelers