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Rex Ryan Explains "Hot Sauce" Comment, Says Reggie Bush Misunderstood

Before the Miami Dolphins took on the New York Jets last Sunday, Jets coach Rex Ryan talked about wanting to put some "hot sauce" on Dolphins running back Reggie Bush. During the game, Bush suffered a knee injury, bringing "bounty" focus on Ryan's comments. Now, Ryan has clarified his statement, explaining that Bush misunderstood the comments.

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Before the New York Jets traveled south to face the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, Jets head coach Rex Ryan stated that his team would be putting some "hot sauce" on Miami running back Reggie Bush. Bush was injured during the game, but will be able to continue playing this season, unlike Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who tore his ACL during the game and it lost for the season.

Bush told the "Paul & Young Ron Show" this week that the injury to Revis was karma coming back to get the Jets, based on Ryan's comments.

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Ryan explained his comments on Wednesday, explaining that Bush misunderstood the "hot sauce" remark.

"By no means do I ever want to see anybody leave the field due to an injury," Ryan explained according to the NY Daily News. "I think he definitely misinterpreted my comment. The next time we play him he's going to get attention from us because he's a great football player. It's almost a compliment."

The Dolphins face the Jets on October 28, this time in New York.