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Schefter: No Structural Damage to Reggie Bush's Knee

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Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush injured his knee on Sunday against the New York Jets. According to sources, MRI results today show no structural damage.

Joel Auerbach - Getty Images

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush left yesterday's game against the New York Jets with 23 seconds to go in the first half, having suffered a knee injury. Bush worked on the stationary bike on the Miami sideline during the third quarter, trying to work his way back into the action. However, his knee reportedly stiffened up, and he was ruled out.

Today, the team sent him for an MRI, despite feeling that it was a minor injury. The MRI result confirmed there was no structural damage to his knee.

Dolphins sources told the Palm Bearch Post's Ben Volin this morning that they feared Bush could miss a few gameswith the injury, though they felt there was nothing season threatening about the injury. Now, it appears Bush could be back as soon as this week at the Arizona Cardinals.