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Jets at Dolphins: Rex Ryan Looking to Put Hot Sauce on Reggie Bush


There's no love lost between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. The two bitter rivals square off for the 93rd time in just a couple of hours, and the trash talking throughout the week has reached it's normal Dolphins-Jets level. Outspoken Jets coach Rex Ryan got on the board this week when talking about Miami running back Reggie Bush.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Ryan was asked about Bush's 172 rushing yard, 2 touchdown performance last week against the Oakland Raiders. Ryan replied:

"So clearly, Reggie Bush is, everybody knows, he is a special player. (He) has great speed, that's the first thing that jumps out at you. He's shifty, he runs with a little bit more power than people give him credit for. But, I think the big thing is, his last three home games, he's rushed for over 100 yards. So he likes playing at home, he's doing a tremendous job. This past week in particular, he had some explosive runs. (He) made a great run, the touchdown run (and) he broke like five tackles. Obviously, we have to do a great job of getting a lot of guys to him and getting him on the ground, put some hot sauce on him, if you will."

Ryan wanting to put some hot sauce on Bush refers to a 2006 comment from linebacker Bart Scott. That season, Bush's rookie year, Scott and Ryan were both with the Baltimore Ravens. During the game, Scott felt like Bush took a cheap shot at him, so Scott retaliated by targeting Bush's ankles.

"The media darling, aka the golden boy of the NFL, tried to take a cheap shot at me, so I told him I was going to put some extra on it," Scott told the Baltimore Sun following the game. "He can do all those shakes he wants, but I wasn't going anywhere. I put a little hot sauce on that ankle."

Scott told ESPN later that week that he was referring to the hot, spicy food they eat in New Orleans, and not to putting anything extra, or illegal, into his tackles of Bush during the game.

While Ryan's comments may not imply that the Jets are going to be putting anything extra into their tackles today, it does stress that the Jets realize how important Bush is to the Miami offense. Whichever side wins this battle, Bush or the Jets defense, will go a long way to deciding who wins this game.

Hopefully putting some hot sauce on Bush will only help to ignite another big game out of the league's second leading rusher.