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Saturday Night Random Live Thread: Jets Week Edition

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So given that Rex and his minions have seen how the Dolphins shredded the Raiders with a combination of Brian Hartline catching passes from Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush running like his life is depending on it and assuming that they will focus on those two and shutting those two down, who do you expect to step up this week? Surely they know that Bess is a weapon and a first down machine so I doubt they just all of a sudden decide to ignore him. I am thinking that this might be a prime game for the TE's to step up (especially given that outside of Hartline and Bess our WR's are a sad lot at best). What do you think?

As usual, as this is an "open" live thread, you can discuss anything you wish but, as always, we ask that you refrain from the discussion of politics and religion. Remember that this thread takes place on the front page so keep your discussions as close to PG as possible. The posting of pic's are allowed but please try and keep them to a maximum of 4 per person. GIF's are not allowed only due to the fact that they slow down the load time for those on a slower connection.